Top 50 garden lighting ideas

Spring is just around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to start thinking about new garden lighting ideas to create your paradise. Here at Moonlight Design, we are experts in outdoor lighting, and we have plenty of garden lights and ideas that can help you transform your outdoor space into an eye-catching and comfortable Eden of light. 

To help inspire you,  take a look at our 50 garden lighting ideas for redesigning your garden with a variety of outdoor lights that will match your personality and budget. 

1. Small Garden Lighting Ideas

If you have a small garden, you can still make it prettier by using some strip lighting or some stake spots to insert into the ground and highlight any feature, whether it’s a tree, a bush or any type of outdoor decoration. 

2. Big Garden Lighting Ideas

Big gardens offer many opportunities for creating unique areas, whether it’s a dining area, a garden dome or an illuminated pond. 

3. Outdoor Lightings

Whether you have a big or small garden, why not light up the entire outside of your home, including your walls, pathways and the roof? Our outdoor lighting collections can help. 

4. Classic Garden Lights Ideas

If you like a more classical style, outdoor garden wall lanterns in a Victorian style might be the perfect solution. They’re timeless and a great idea for garden paths and walls. 

5. Modern Garden Lights Ideas

For those who want to give a modern touch to their properties, landscape lighting systems or lanterns with remote controls can be ideal to give a more abstract vibe and make the most of new lighting technologies.

6. Contemporary Garden Lights Ideas

To give more a contemporary, festive style, you can always create an ambience with string fairy lights. The more abstract they are, the more contemporary your garden will look!

7. Rope Lighting

To create a more contemporary, rustic atmosphere in your garden, use some strip lights or twinkling fairy lights to light up some ropes. You can then wrap the rope around trees, fences or simply mount it on a wall.

8. Create Shapes

Using some lamps or strip lights, you can create different areas in your garden so that you have both intimate spaces and proper party areas. 

9. Garden Roof Lights

Nowadays, gardens can even be on your roof, especially if you live in a big city. So, try using hooks to hang colourful bubbles or table lamps to create an atmosphere that better matches your style. 

10. Overhead Garden Lights

To create different lighting effects such as cross lighting, silhouettes and backlighting, lights from above can be your biggest ally. Try using garden lights to light up trees, bushes and paths.

11. Deck And Ground Lights

Whether you want to illuminate your garden, decks, walls, patios or paths, ground lights remain one of the most convenient and efficient ways to get more light outside without spending a fortune. 

12. Garden Lanterns

Whether you’re opting for a classic or modern style, lanterns will always boost the appearance of your outside Eden. They look pretty, are practical and will always stand out. 

13. Vintage Atmosphere

With a personality that is more “Black and White” noire, you can opt for garden lighting with a vintage style. Retro will never go out of fashion, like this Feiss’ lantern, for example. 

14. Wall Lanterns

Whether you want to create a classic atmosphere or give a more vibrant touch to your garden, outdoor wall lanterns are not only ideal to illuminate porches, patios and gardens, but they give a touch of elegance and old-world charm to your outdoors.

15.  Pillar Lights

As an alternative to outdoor wall lanterns, why not try pillar lights? They can work as uplighting and downlighting simultaneously, creating a dramatic atmosphere for your building and gardens.

16. Colourful Atmosphere

Whether you just love colours or you have kids, transforming your garden into a colourful Eden has never been so easy. Coloured LED lanterns, like Konstmide’s festoon party set, are very practical, energy-efficient and will create a fun, friendly atmosphere for you and your guests.

17. Festive Garden Lights

If you want to create a colourful festive atmosphere, your garden lights collection also need to include Halloween lights. Our Pumpkin lights will have everything you need to create seasonal cheer.

18. Colourful Walls

If you don’t want to see any lanterns or bulbs flying around your garden, you could install some colourful garden lights to attach to an external wall. The Collingwood lightning’s Ledline LED wall, for example, will allow you to light up your outdoor walls and gardens. For more gardening lighting ideas, check out our latest Outdoor Collingwood lighting

19. Exotic Lanterns

Opting for a more exotic, Moroccan-style lantern will create a warmer, gentle atmosphere in your garden, without being too bright or festive. The light from these lanterns, like the ones by Quoizel, will be soft enough to create shadows on your garden floors and make the atmosphere more introspective. 

20. Outdoor Fires

To complement exotic vibes, outside fires are always a great way to make your garden more intimate. Whether you want to make the most of your garden even in the winter or organise parties (when possible), outside fires will always create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. Take a look at our outdoor EcoSmart Fires.

21. A Fire Bowl With Fairy Lights

You can always create a fire, even just by covering some wood with fairy lights. Simple! 

22. The Dining Area

Fires create a cosy atmosphere but don’t forget about decorating your outdoor furniture, such as tables or outdoor sofas. Decorate your tables, for example, with mini lanterns, lamps or stacking lights, which are easy to attach, affordable and create nice light effects. 

23. The Flame Lamp

If outside fires are out of your budget, why not decorate your tables with some flame lamps? They are cheap, don’t take up a lot of space and will still create a cosy, warm atmosphere. 

24. Light Your Chairs Up

Alongside tables, brighten up your chairs with some LED Strip Lights. This is practical as well as stylish and lets you sit on your own glowing throne. 

25. Hang A Cascade Of String Lights

String lights used like bunting will make your garden, especially the dining area, much brighter and more attractive.

26. Outdoor Candles Lights

For a cosy atmosphere, you can never go wrong with candles! Hinkley Lighting can give you more ideas on how to use waterproof candle lights, using glass to protect them against rain, snow and water in general. 

27. The Glass Chandelier

For the people who want a patio or a luxurious garden, a glass chandelier is a must! The outdoor glass chandeliers from Kichler are affordable and can match perfectly with both traditional and modern styles.

28. Outdoor Pendant Lights

If chandeliers are too extravagant, some outdoor pendant lights might give a more contemporary touch to your garden. 

29. Hunter Ceiling Fans

Especially in the summertime, your dining area can be illuminated and kept cool with a ceiling fan – dual purpose for your comfort and convenience.

30. Garden Solar Lights

To make your garden’s decorations as cheap as possible, invest in garden solar lights. Taking power directly from sunlight, they are ideal for your garden patio, pathways and walls. Discover even more garden solar lighting ideas here at Moonlight Design.

31. Animal Solar Lights

What’s a garden without animals? To make your bushes and flowers more attractive, choose some solar animal lights. They’re both beautiful and offer great energy-efficiency. Check out our collection of solar Dragonfly lights for inspiration. 

32. Mini-Mushrooms

In the solar lights collection, our mini-mushrooms can’t be missed! Your kids or puppy will love them!

33. Stone Lights

If animals and veggies aren’t your thing, you might prefer some stone lights. They are ideal for looking natural and realistic, but also light up your pathway, stairs and doors.

34. Tree Lights

Whether you hang lights around a tree or you plant them in the ground, tree lights will always be a practical, affordable way to give a different vibe to your garden. Find your inspiration in our tree lights collections

35. Wrap Up The Tree

Like with rope lights, use fairy lights around the tree like you would at Christmas! There’s nothing more magical than tree lights all around the garden.

36. Illuminate The Foliage

Keep the magic going by using fairy lights also for the foliage such as hedges and shrubs.

37. Strip Lighting For Steps

Strip lighting can be very handy to highlight stairs and steps in the garden, on the patio or next to a door. 

38. Spotlights

Let’s play with lights and contrast in your garden and patio by using spotlights! These lights are very practical as they can be angled in any direction and light up only the things you want. 

39. Security Lights

Like spotlights, security lights won’t just make your garden and outdoor areas safer, but also more appealing. Check out our collection of security lights for more ideas.

40. Pathways

Let your pathway shine with the addition of pathway lights. They won’t only illuminate your path but will create a personal atmosphere to your home.

41. Spike Lights

To make your paths more visible, spike lights can help you illuminate the path while maintaining a nice look. Find more spike lights gardening path lighting ideas here. 

42. Dark lights For Pathways

Pathways don’t always require bright lights, but sometimes playing with contrast and shadows is more effective. It can give just enough light to see, but lets you enjoy the colours of the night. Our Searchlight Lighting outdoor LED could be a great addition!

43. Patio Lights

With a light from above, your patio will shine in every corner. Check out the Hunza Lighting for inspiration. 

44. Ponds

If your garden has a pond, you might think about adding floating lights or water lights to create visual effects with the water. 

45. Fountains

In big gardens, if you have a big fountain with a cascade, how lovely would it be to illuminate it with waterproof lights?

46. Buddha

People who love water in the garden may want to add a Buddha light to create a more intimate and calming atmosphere. With some small lights, you could make your little temple even more personal.

47. Beliefs

Everyone has their own beliefs, but lights have a feeling of hope and remembrance that everyone can enjoy. You might want to transform your garden or pathway into a place of contemplation.

48. Sensor Lamp

If you’re more of a technological soul, we have plenty of ideas for you. For example, you could light up your garden or front door with an automatic light sensor to save you from looking for the switch.

49. Light Speaker

If you want to create a visual focal point that also adds sound to your atmosphere, try a light speaker and enjoy not just lights, but your favourite music in your garden. 

50. Remote Control

With all the technology available, you might want to connect all your lights in your garden, patio and walls so that you can control them all remotely with the click of a button.

We hope that you’ve found our 50 garden lighting ideas inspiring! If you’re ready to transform your garden into your own paradise, take a look at our full range of outdoor lighting here at Moonlight Design.

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