How to hang garden lights on fences and our top fence light ideas

Adding garden fence lights to your outdoor landscape is a great way to illuminate your garden and create a cosy and welcoming environment in the evening. But, if you don’t know where to begin, here is your complete guide to fence lighting. Discover all the different lights you can use to brighten your fence, learn how to hang garden lights so they are secure without damaging the wood and get loads of fantastic garden fence lighting ideas for all kinds of garden fences.

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Can I put lights on my fence?

Can I put lights on my fence?

The short answer is yes! Putting lights on your garden fence can elevate a space, create a welcoming and pleasant setting to relax, entertain and provide practical lighting to an outdoor space.

Highlight your garden border, illuminate a pathway along a fence or light your decking rail with a string of fence lights.

Whether you use temporary hooks, permanent nails, or wrap the string lights around the posts, you can create a magical atmosphere in your garden with garden fence fairy lights.

Types of fence lights

When choosing fence lights, you need to think about how you want to power them. Some power types offer more permanent solutions if you require fence lighting all year round. Or you can use portable power solutions to give you more flexibility and ease of use.

Solar fence lights

Solar fence lights are a great way to enjoy the warm glow of lights in your garden without adding to your electricity bill. Mount the solar panel to the fence using cable ties and face it towards the sun. The sun will charge the lights and provide ambient lighting in the evening in your decking area or along a garden fence. 

However, be aware that, in the UK, we have a limited number of sunny days. If the sky is cloudy or you try and charge the lights during the winter, the solar panels will not get the sunlight they need to illuminate. As a result, they will produce their best quality light in the summer months. 

Battery-powered fence lights

Opt for battery-powered fence lights if you want more consistent light with the same flexibility. Hang these lights along your fence or wrap them around your fence posts. You can change the location because of their portability and easily change the batteries once they have run out.

Wired fence lights

You can also get fence lights wired into the mains electric system for a more permanent solution. Make sure to get a professional electrician to do any electrical wiring job. 

Alternatively, if you’re creating a temporary display during Christmas, you can always use fence lights with a plug that will go into an indoor or outdoor outlet.

What is the best way to attach festoon lights to a fence?

The best way to attach festoon lights to your fence varies between fences. You can secure them using permanent methods, like nails and staples. These methods can be more secure and last longer in worse weather, or you can find non-destructive methods. 

Using nails and staples can cause the fence panels to wear out over time. Also if you’ve just built a new fence, you might not want to punch it with holes. 

How do you hang lights on a fence without nails?

If you want to hang lights along your fence but don’t want to damage the wood panels, a temporary solution can save you a lot of trouble. Also, if you plan to hang lights for only part of the year, for example, summer festoon lights or Christmas string lights, you need a way to take them down without damaging the fence. 

There are several methods you can use that will allow you to hang fence lights temporarily without unsightly fixtures or damaging them permanently with nails or staples.

Outdoor command hooks

Outdoor command hooks allow you to hand string lights on fences without needing nails and drills. The outdoor-grade waterproof stick-on hooks are robust enough to stick to wood, withstanding changeable weather. 

Peel off the sticky back and firmly push where you want the string light to attach to the fence. You can get a range of shapes and sizes, including mini ones that are next to invisible. 

Cable ties

Cable ties are also a fantastic solution for temporary fence lights. They will also keep your fence lights secure in wind and rain. Use them to hang string lights to fence posts or between the slats. Although more secure than command hooks, they can look unsightly. Try to find ones that blend in with the colour of your fence, or use clear ones.

Aluma hooks

Aluma hooks can look more stylish, especially in a modern garden. Often used on awnings, you can also use these metal hooks on fences. Find the ones with a square head to slot them on the top of your fence. Distribute them evenly for an easy way to hang your fence lights. 

Aluma hooks are powder-coated steel, so you can choose a colour that looks smart and elegant along your fence or blends in with the colour. 

How do you hang Christmas lights on a wooden fence?

Bring festive cheer to your front or back garden with Christmas lights on your fence. Garden lights for the fence are a great way to add light to your garden during the darker portion of the year. 

You can hang Christmas lights on your fence using the methods above. However, you’re more likely to take these down at the end of the season, so you might want to opt for the more temporary solutions. 

Garden fence lighting ideas

If you’re struggling with fence light inspiration, we’re here to provide ideas for illuminating your fences. Find the perfect fence lights to suit your aesthetic and outdoor space and create a cosy, welcoming environment after dark. 

Garden fence lighting ideas

Festoon Lighting

Festoon lights have grown in popularity over the last few years. Their vintage charm and warm glow create a cosy feeling in any private or commercial garden. And with the advance in LED lighting, you can get Edison-style traditional bulbs with efficient and consistent light. 

Hang one of our festoon string light sets from post to post to elevate your decking, BBQ or seating area. Choose from various bulb shapes, sizes and lengths to suit your taste and outdoor space. 

Coloured string lights

Whether you’re looking for festive coloured lights to decorate the outside of your home during the Christmas period, hosting a garden party or enjoying a bit of colour in your garden, coloured string lights are the perfect addition to any fence. 

We have a selection of coloured-string lights to illuminate your fences in bulb, lantern and spherical shade styles.


As well as bulb fence lights, you can also opt for quirky lantern styles. From Halloween lanterns, perfect for spooky season, to vintage-style oil lamps, we offer something to suit every taste and season in our collection. 

Fence post lights

Another way to add light to your fences is by installing fence post lights. If your fence is robust enough, you can mount post lights onto the wooden posts. This method offers a permanent lighting solution that provides ambient light to your garden boundary or decking rail. 

Wall lights on your garden fence

It is also possible to mount wall lights onto your fence for another permanent lighting solution. 

Fence lights at Moonlight Design

Now that you’re an expert on fence lights, you can confidently illuminate the fences in your garden with fairy, string or festoon lights to create your ideal ambience in your garden. Browse our fence and festoon lights to find brilliant multi-coloured lights and shapes to suit your garden aesthetic. 

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