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The Art of Light

Why choose moonlight design?

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Moonlight Design is one of the leading exterior lighting design, supply and installation companies in the UK. With extensive design skills and 30 years’ experience, Moonlight are the best people to employ for exterior lighting design.

Over the last 15 years, Moonlight Design has been featured in prime-time television programmes, and a multitude of magazine and newspaper articles. We have also installed the lighting for RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medal and People’s Choice award-winning gardens.


Whether you have a small city garden, roof terrace, suburban garden, large country estate or a venue, Moonlight Design can handle any project with expertise and confidence. Qualified and highly experienced in-house electricians registered with the NICEIC offer an unrivalled installation that is designed to withstand the harshest weather and last for many years.

Whether you want a simple warm white lighting design or a full-on colour changing lighting system controlled by the state-of-the-art technology, Moonlight Design can offer a scheme for all.


How can lighting enhance your outdoor space?


Good exterior lighting design can transform your garden in many ways, including:

  • Lighting seating and dining area with soft ambient light to allow you to enjoy your garden for longer in the evenings
  • Offering safe passage through the garden bylighting steps and thoroughfares
  • Highlighting key features, bringing your waterfeatures, plants and statuary to life at night
  • Keeping your home safe and secure with security lights 



How we work


Creating a design solution

Our approach to garden lighting design is based on the fact that every garden design is unique and each scheme is created to enhance one of the most important 'rooms' in the house.

Working closely with garden designers or the client direct, we establish important areas that require illumination, e.g. specimen plants, sculptural features, dining area, etc. Once the framework to the design is in place, we then look at the whole garden to offer a complete lighting solution. More often than not, the lighting scheme is introducedas the garden is being landscaped.


Once we have established a 'picture' of what the garden should look like, we can offer a detailed quotation, plotted design on a garden plan or, if required, computer generated visuals.

When the quotation has been accepted, if the garden is being landscaped we work closely with the landscape contractors by giving them a cable plan so that the disruption to the garden is minimal. However, if the garden is not being landscaped, we work on the garden ourselves, ensuring that all plants and features are carefully managed tokeep the integrity of the garden intact.

All of our schemes are designed to have spare capacity for additional garden lighting at a later stage if required. Using the finest fittings, such as Hunza garden lights, we can ensure that your lighting scheme will be appreciated for many years to come.




Our electricians are experienced external installers who understand the garden and how the lights should be positioned.

Unlike most electricians, our installers are specialists in exterior projects and understand that if the lighting is not connected correctly, the UK weather will soon show-up the weaknesses in the system.

As professionals, we ensure that not only is the design tailor made, it is also safe, which is vital with electricity in the garden.

All equipment is IP rated for external conditions, and all cables, transformers and glands are placed out of sight to ensure that lighting scheme is only apparent when illuminated at night. 

We have been to many gardens to repair faulty installations where the electrician has used internal transformers, junction boxes and glands, which should not be used outside.

Once we have installed the lights, the whole system is fully tested to make sure there are no faults.




The control of the lighting is worth thinking about. There are various options available, from a basic wall-mounted light switch, a hand-held remote control, smart phones or tablet apps or if preferred, Lutron®, Creston® etc lighting controls.



Our product & service guarantee 


After 15 years of installing exterior lighting and constantly developing our methods we now offer a 5-year installation warranty*. All of our cables are buried to a minimum depth of 300mm, our junction boxes are filled with waterproof gel and all equipment is either installed into discrete feeder pillars or inside outbuildings.

The exterior lights specified usually come with a 5- to 10-year warranty. We choose light fittings for their ability to illuminate a subject but also for their quality of build and longevity; with exterior lights you pay for what you get.

*The 5-year warranty is on steel wired armoured cable, low voltage cable and electrical connections. Light fittings, LEDs, transformers, drivers and remote controls have separate warranties and are not covered in Moonlight Design’s 5-year warranty.

Where do
we work?


We design, supply and install outdoor lighting in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, Yorkshire, in fact, anywhere in the UK! We have also worked on lighting schemes in Europe, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia and Cyprus.

Our Portfolio

We work on the smallest of properties to the largest private estates.

You can view our portfolio which includes examples of designs and installations completed over the last 10 years by clicking here.

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We now have a dedicated website for our design and installation service, please click here to see what we can do for you.

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