Warm white or cool white lighting?

Getting the right type of lighting in your home is important and can really elevate the space when you get it right. Discovering which type of light to install can be tricky and you can often be left feeling overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Temperature colour can make a big difference in the aesthetic look of a room and this is where we come in to help. Here at Moonlight Design, we have created a guide to help you understand everything about colour temperature. 

What is colour temperature? 

Colour temperature in lighting is measured in kelvins (K) and describes how the colour of the light appears from its source. Kelvins operate on a scale basis and 1,000K would look very red, the higher you go up the scale the light will resemble bright blue daylight (10,000 K). 

Despite what you might be thinking, colour temperature does not actually correlate with the temperature of the lamp. The higher the colour temperature the cooler a lamp will look. 

To understand the difference between the types of lighting we have created a guide for you to consult. Here you will find the different types of lighting and examples of how to get them. 

Lighting Type | Kelvins | Example
Ultra Warm1,800 K– Filament lamp (vintage lamp)
Very Warm 2,400 K– Standard incandescent lamps
Warm 2,700 K– LED lamp/ halogen lamp
Warm White 3,000 K– Clear sky
Cool White 4,000 K– CFL and LED / Fluorescent lamp
Day Light 5,000 K– Daylight

Ultra Warm Lighting 

If you are looking to implement ultra-warm lighting into your home then browse through the range of filament lights which are available here at Moonlight Design. 

Ultra warm lighting

Very Warm Lighting 

Very warm lighting sits at around 2,400 K and is the same brightness as a standard incandescent lamp. 

very warm lighting

Warm lighting

Warm lighting usually sits at around 2,700 K and is the same brightness as a typical LED lamp. 

warm lighting

Warm White Light 

Warm white light sits at around 3,000K and is the same brightness as a clear sky.

warm white lighting

Cool White Lighting

Cool white lighting sits at around 4,000 K and is best suited to bathroom lighting. 

Cool white lighting

Where to use warm and cool lighting

Now that you know the types of warm and cool lighting it is important to know where to place which type of lighting in which places. We have created a list below of where to use each type of lighting within your living space. 

Warm to warm white lighting 

Warm lighting is best suited towards spaces where you like to relax. Ideally install this lighting into your bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. It will act as a soothing feature to the room and will make you and your guests feel welcome when entering your hallways. The soft ambience will help create warmth and add a homely vibe to the place that the light is placed within. 

White to cool white lighting 

Cool lighting is best placed within your spaces where activity takes place. Spaces within the home such as kitchens, bathrooms and home studies. This type of lighting is also practical for usage in offices and retail spaces. White to cool lighting allows you to create a clean aesthetic and illuminates areas with light that is bright and helps to add energy to a room. It can also help to improve productivity.

If you are adjusting your lighting within your room then it may take a bit of time to get used to. Allow for more time if you are changing from warm light to a cool white.

Using warm and cool lighting in exterior spaces

You don’t have to keep warm and cool lighting to your indoor spaces, it can also be used outside. Here at Moonlight Design, we offer a selection of outdoor lighting which can be implemented into your space to create ambience. 

You can mix warm and cool lighting to great effect. Below you can see some examples of Moonlight Design work which showcases this clearly.

Combining warm and cool lighting 

warm and cool exterior lighting

Warm exterior lighting 

Warm exterior lighting

Achieve these lighting looks by exploring our range of indoor lights, outdoor lights and LED light accessories here at Moonlight Design today.

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