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Remote controls

Remote controls have been around for many years and in this time they have evolved into neat simplistic systems making it easy to switch lights on and off with no need to work inside the house. There are various brands to choose from but the following are our favourites. We have installed these many times over the years because they offer reliability along with ease of installation.


Light Symphony

This remote control is modular and very powerful. With a operating range of 1km you should be able to control your lights with ease. If you want to extend this, Light Symphony offer repeaters to boost the signal further to up to 5km! One of the great things about Light Symphony is the options on how you can switch your lights on. You can use a hand held controller, a fob, wireless wall switch, a PIR sensor, timer, beam sensors and when your electric gates open these will also switch the lights on.

However, we have left the best way of controlling your lights until last; you can use your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or tablet. This system allows you to dim your lights and if you want, you can choose one of 16 colours (if your lights are RGB LEDS that is).

Light Symphony remote receivers all come with a soft start, dimming off and dimming as standard (with compatible light fittings).

You can use Light Symphony to switch lights on and off, control water features, garage doors, electric gates, security lights etc.

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The four channel Wise Box Kit

Wise Box

This remote control is our best seller and ideal for smaller gardens.

The wise Box is easy to use and offers four channels as standard. With a whopping 1000 watts per channel, this remote control can switch on and off many lights on one button. The WiseBox has many features, The dip switch panel allows you to change each circuit individually from switching on/off to an open circuit. This feature is used when you require push-to-make operation. Just change the dip switch accordingly.

The operating range is 200m which is ample for most suburban gardens.

The Wise Box Receiver will control your lights, water features, electric shutters and gates etc.

The WiseBox receiver is rated IP54. This allows them to be fitted inside your home or outside in your garden. The receivers are designed to be simple to install, easy to use and most importantly, reliable.

This unit is usually sold as a kit with a wireless wall switch, a stylish fob and 4 channel remote receiver. If you don't need four switches, there are single channel receivers available.

The Wise Box can also be switched via a PIR sensor.

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