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Outdoor Solar Lights

Our range of Outdoor Solar Lights includes the ideal wireless lighting option for a great variety of outdoor spaces. These Solar Garden Lights can be placed in a variety of places, from the garden itself to pathways and even walls, and will provide attractive, functional outdoor lighting wherever you choose. With a selection of styles, shapes and designs, there’s something for every space. Our solar garden lights draw power directly from sunlight, providing beautiful lighting that is kind to the environment. Check out our full outdoor lighting range now and explore your options to buy now and pay later with Klarna.

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31 Items
  • XSolar SOL-O Sensor - Wireless Outdoor Light - Anthracite
  • XSolar SOL-O Sensor - Wireless Outdoor Light - Silver
  • XSOLAR SOL-O - Wireless House Number Illumination - Anthracite
  • XSOLAR SOL-O - Wireless House Number Illumination - Silver
  • Assisi Solar Light LED - White 7805-202
  • Assisi Solar Light LED - Grey 7805-302
  • Assisi Solar Light LED - Green 7805-602
  • Assisi Solar Table Light - White 7806-202
  • Assisi Solar Table Light - Grey 7806-302
  • Assisi Solar Table Light - Green 7806-602
  • Assisi Solar Light 7109-102
  • Assisi Solar Light 7109-202
  • Assisi Solar Light 7109-602
  • Assisi Solar Light 7109-752
  • Treviso LED Solar x 4 Lights 7802-000
  • Assisi Solar Light 7631-000
  • Assisi Solar Stick Set RGB 7810-000
  • Assisi Solar Light 7628-000
  • Assisi Solar Light 7629-000
  • Assisi Solar Standing Light 7808-000
  • Assisi Solar Standing Light 7807-000
  • Assisi Solar Table/Standing Light 7809-000
  • Solar light 7626-000
  • Assisi Quarter Solar Light 7663-000
  • Assisi Quarter Solar Light 7663-400
  • Assisi Quarter Solar Light 7663-500
  • Assisi Quarter Solar Light 7663-600
  • Assisi Solar Light 7635-000
  • Genova LED Solar Light - White LED - 7800-200
  • Genova LED Solar Light - Yellow LED - 7801-200
  • Genova LED Solar Light - Yellow LED - 7801-900

Solar lights are an attractive choice of outdoor lighting, perfect for your garden. Not only are they easy to install, but solar garden lights don’t require an electrician for installation either.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Available in a variety of styles, our outdoor solar lights are the perfect way to decoratively brighten up your garden and get ready for those summer evenings. These lights can be installed within the garden, to illuminate a pathway and even on house walls to ensure no corner is left in the dark. At Moonlight Design, we’ve got a top-quality range of solar lights for you to browse, choose and install today.

Solar Garden Lights

For best installation results, ensure you install our solar light fittings with as much natural sunlight as possible. This will ensure it can charge throughout the day and offer you more hours of illumination. Explore our full outdoor lighting range today and find your favourites to light up your home exterior. Explore our buy now, pay later options using Klarna and purchase your solar garden lights today.