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Norlys Garden Lights

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Design & Installation
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  • Asker Down Aluminium art.1525
  • Asker Down Grey art.1525
  • Asker Down White art.1525
  • Asker Up and Down Aluminium art.1520
  • Asker Up and Down Grey art.1520
  • Asker Up and Down White art.1520
  • Basel Black Clear art.660
  • Basel Copper Frosted - copper art.661
  • Basel Galvanised Clear art.660
  • Basel Galvanised Frosted art.661
  • Bergen Black Clear art.270
  • Bergen Flush Black art.271
  • Bergen Flush Galvanised art.271
  • Bergen Galvanised art.270
  • Berlin Aluminium Clear Art.610
  • Berlin Black Clear Art.610
  • Berlin Black Opal art.611
  • Berlin White Opal art.611
  • Bern Black Clear art.650
  • Bern Black Frosted art.651
  • Bern Copper Clear - copper art.650
  • Bern Copper Frosted - copper art.651
  • Bern Galvanised Clear art.650
  • Bern Galvanised Frosted art.651
  • Bern Stainless Steel Clear - stainless steel art.650
  • Bern Stainless Steel Frosted - stainless steel art.651
  • Bologna Pedestal Black Opal Lens B3 (Globe) art.313
  • Bologna Pillar Black Opal Lens B4 (Globe) art.315
  • Bologna Triple Post Black Opal Lens B7 (Globe) art.365
  • Bologna Twin Post Black Opal Lens B6 (Globe) art.363
  • Bologna Wall Down Black Opal Lens B2 (Globe) art.311
  • Bologna Wall Up Black Opal Lens B1 (Globe) art.361
  • Bornholm Aluminium Art.523
  • Bornholm Grey Art.523
  • Bornholm White  Art.523
  • Bremen Galvanised Opal art.631
  • Chelsea Chain Copper CS8 - Copper art.961
  • Chelsea Down Copper CS2 art.960
  • Chelsea Grande Half Lantern Copper CSG7/2 art.963
  • Chelsea Grande Head Only Copper CSG/HO art.959
  • Chelsea Grande Pedestal Copper CSG3 art.957
  • Chelsea Grande Single Post Copper CSG5 art.951
  • Chelsea Grande Twin Post Copper CSG6 art.953
  • Chelsea Grande Up Copper CSG1 art.955
  • Chelsea Half Lantern Copper CS7 art.950
  • Chelsea Head Only Copper CS/HO art.958
  • Chelsea Pedestal Copper CS3 art.956
  • Chelsea Twin Post Copper CS6 art.953
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