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Indoor Bioethanol Fires

Heat your home in an eco-friendly way with our indoor bioethanol fires collection here at Moonlight Design. Running on clean, eco-friendly bioethanol fuel, our range of indoor fires provide all the warmth you need without high energy bills, smoke or fumes. Choose from an exquisite collection of contemporary and traditional designs, including modern standalone designs and individual burners that can be integrated with existing traditional fireplaces. Explore our full indoor bioethanol fires range here at Moonlight Design and add heat to your outdoor spaces too, with the help of our bioethanol outdoor fires collection.

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  • VB2 Ethanol Burner
  • BK5 Ethanol Burner
  • Ghost Designer Fireplace
  • Igloo Designer Fireplace
  • Stix Fire Pit
  • Cyl Fire Pit
  • Mini T Fire Pit
  • Lighthouse Fire Pit
  • XL900 Ethanol Burner
  • XL700 Ethanol Burner
  • XL500 Ethanol Burner
  • XS340 Ethanol Burner
  • AB8 Ethanol Burner
  • AB3 Ethanol Burner
  • Firebox 800SS
  • Firebox 1200SS
  • Firebox 1100CV - Curved
  • Glow Fire Pit
  • Tuli - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Tuli - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Tuli - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Rusted Corten Steel
  • Tuli - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Gold
  • Cosmo 13 - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Cosmo 13 - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Cosmo 13 - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Rusted Corten Steel
  • Cosmo - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Cosmo - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Cosmo - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Rusted Corten Steel
  • Flut - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Red
  • Flut - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Flut - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Perola - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Perola - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Perola - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Rusted Corten Steel
  • Vulcanu - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Red
  • Vulcanu - Bioethanol Premium Fire - White
  • Vulcanu - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Black
  • Samba - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Yellow
  • Baco - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Red
  • Baco - Bioethanol Concept Fire - White
  • Baco - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Black
  • Retro - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Polished Black Granite
  • Milwood - Bioethanol Concept Fire - White-Oak
  • Milwood - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Oak-White
  • Milwood - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Black-Oak
  • Milwood - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Oak-Black
  • Habito - Bioethanol Concept Fire - Black
  • O-Flut - Bioethanol Premium Fire - Red Lacquered Fibre Glass, Glass & Lacquered MDF Base
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Whether you’re searching for a contemporary design or something more understated and traditional, there’s an indoor fire at Moonlight Design for you. The collection of burners available can be integrated with your existing fireplace or you can be your new favourite addition to your living space. 

Indoor Bioethanol fires: everything you need to know 

There’s no need for a chimney with the range of indoor bioethanol fires because there's no smoke! The fires are easy to use – all you need to do is pour the bioethanol into the burner box within the fire and then light the area. One litre of bioethanol will burn on a maximum setting for around 4 hours and on a lower setting, the fire can last for up to 8 hours. 

An eco-friendly indoor fire 

Bioethanol fires run on clean bioethanol fuel and burn with 98% efficiency, which means there is no unpleasant residue. Running on a renewable energy source made from a mixture of sugar, starch and plant products, indoor bioethanol fires are safe for use in your home. Don’t worry about inhaling any dangerous gases or smoke as there is no gas or electricity in the product. Discover the range of indoor fires available from Ecosmart Fires at Moonlight Design today.