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Bioethanol Burners

Are you wanting to enjoy the cosiness and warmth of a fire at home?  Look no further than our exclusive range of bioethanol burners, a  more eco-friendly option for your home and family. Suitable for use either inside or outside your home. Give your old fireplace a new lease of life or leave your bioethanol burner to stand on its own with our stunning designs and styles to suit every interior or exterior space. 

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6 Items
  • Burner I - Manual Burner - Stainless Steel
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  • Burner VI - Manual Burner - Stainless Steel
  • Fire Line - Crea7ionEVOplus - Black Lacquered

Our bioethanol burners come in both manual and automatic options to suit every need. All are designed and created to the highest standards and made using high-quality materials. Our bioethanol burners come in a selection of shapes and sizes to fit into any space and are made to be durable and long-lasting. Discover our extensive collection of stylish and sophisticated bioethanol burners online today to warm up any space and add a touch of light. 

Are Bioethanol Burners suitable for indoor use?

Bioethanol burners can be used either inside and outside (depending on the model). They use clean fuel that produces almost no smoke and very little odour, unlike gas fire pits. Always remember to have a sufficient supply of fresh air while using your bioethanol burner. 

Are Bioethanol Burners suitable for outdoor use?

Our bioethanol burners are resistant and robust and can be used outside. They are made from the highest-quality materials such as stainless steel and can withstand all weather elements including wind and rain. You can leave them to stand alone, or you can build a nice raised base for them to stand on. All our burners are perfect for creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, so make a perfect addition to any outdoor space. When the winter months start to come in, and you no longer wish to use your bioethanol burner, remember to protect your it with our robust weatherproof cover or stored indoors until the next use. 

How do Bio ethanol fuel burners work?

Slightly different to the traditional wood fireplace, bioethanol burners do not need a chimney as they don't emit any smoke. They are really easy to use, you just need to be careful of the potential hazards. If you see the flame is starting to die out, make sure the flame is completely extinguished and the fireplace/burner completely cold, before you refill and reignite.

How to fill your bioethanol burners

Before adding fuel to the burner ensure it is cold. To fill up your bio ethanol fuel burner, you simply pour your bioethanol fuel into the burner and light it. It may take 10-15 minutes for the flame to reach is optimum. You should never refill the bio ethanol fuel when the burner is still on or hot. 

Benefits of having a bioethanol burner 

  • Bioethanol burners are really easy to install 

  • They are eco-friendly and a clean solution for burners

  • You do not need any electricity or gas when using your bioethanol burners

  • They emit no smoke or ash

  • Bioethanol burners do not give off a smoke smell