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EcoSmart Fires

EcoSmart Fire is much more than a flicker of an ingenious idea.

EcoSmart Fireplaces are environmentally friendly vent-free open fireplaces that produce a wonderfully warm dancing flame.

From hand crafted freestanding pieces of "fire" furniture, to grates for traditional fireplace conversion, through to firebox inserts for built-in custom designs and burner kits for bespoke settings - EcoSmart Fire offers a complete collection of versatile and award-winning fireplace solutions that make having an open flame incredibly easy - whatever the setting - at the same time as being good for the environment.

EcoSmart Fire brings fire design to life. Whether tackling a new commercial project, creating a unique residential outdoor feature or remodelling an existing fireplace, EcoSmart gives you the tools to bring your vision to stunning reality. Our extensive, versatile range of indoor and outdoor design solutions combine innovative industrial design with user-friendly functionality.

EcoSmart Fire Burners are fuelled by clean burning bioethanol, a renewable liquid fuel produced from agricultural by-products - no smoke, no mess, no fuss.

Please see below for some typical questions that our customers have previously asked:

SmartFire Ayre

What do you need to get your EcoSmart working?

Once you have ordered your fire, it will arrive with the burner, 5 litre jerry-can, lighter and lighter rod. This is all you need, no gas fitter required, not electrical supply and if your fire is freestanding will not require any installation.

Can I use any Bioethanol with my Smartfire?

No, these fires have been designed to use e-NRG Bioethanol fuel. e-NRG is the cleanest, most efficient liquid ethanol fuel on the market and produces the best flame each and every time.

Burning bioethanol fuel creates a beautiful lively dancing orange flame that is simply mesmerizing.

How long will bioethanol burn bioethanol burner for?

It will depend on the you’ll be using e-NRG in and the ambient conditions. As a general rule of thumb, e-NRG will burn at a rate of approximately 1 quart (1L) every 1-2 hours.

What are the emissions when burning bioethanol?

Burning bioethanol produces heat, steam and carbon dioxide. The ratio of CO/CO2 passes standards for ventless indoor fireplaces.

Does e-NRG burn yellow or blue?

e-NRG is formulated to consistently burn its signature bright orange colour so you get maximum enjoyment out of your e-NRG burning fireplace.

Does e-NRG bioethanol smell?

Bioethanol has substances added to it in order for it to be labelled ‘de-natured’. The burning of these substances may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and will dissipate with time. There is also a slight odour once the flame is extinguished – similar to when you blow out a candle. This also dissipates into the air.

How do you store bioethanol? Is it safe to store in my home or workspace?

Bioethanol is classified as a Flammable Liquid Class 3, PG II and is regulated by various standards around the world. You must familiarize yourself and comply with these regulations in order to safely and legally store, handle, decant, and use this fuel. e-NRG is a stable fuel source and will not pose any safety threat as long as it is stored away from an open flame.

Is e-NRG safe to be stored inside?

Ethanol is a stable liquid that is safe to store indoors as long as it is kept away from an open flame. It is also safe to be kept in garages, utility rooms or other outdoor storage areas without any risk. In accordance with various global regulations, ethanol (100% alcohol) cannot be sold in its purest form to avoid human consumption. A bittering agent is added to the formula to prevent ingestion.

Is it required that I use a jerry can to operate e-NRG or can I pour e-NRG directly into the burner?

Yes, we provide jerry cans, lighting rods and lighters with every burner because we want you to have the highest quality and safest experience possible when using our products. The jerry-can ensures that you don’t splash ethanol when pouring or overfill the burner.