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Colour Changing LEDs

Colour changing LED light fittings add a new dimension to outdoor lighting. White light is the classic look for exterior lighting but if you want to create a stunning display, colour changing LEDs are a must.

We can offer a simple Smartphone app that can produce 16 basic colours or if you want the ultimate in colour changing LEDs, full DMX control where any colour can be created. Every project is tailored to each client; if you want your house to be completely red for Halloween party and then blue for a Winter Wonderland, no problem!

When Moonlight Design design, supply and install, we use bespoke professional colour changing light fittings where quality is second to none and uniformity in output and colour is maintained throughout.

As long as we can get cables to the area to be illuminated we can supply and install any colour changing LED light fitting to suit. We pride ourselves on supplying and installing outdoor lights that are discrete yet enhance your home, garden, sculpture, water feature etc with a splash of colour to create a unique look.

It is important to note that colour changing LED fittings are not as straightforward to install as standard white LED lights.

In order to achieve the desired effects, the system needs careful planning in terms of where the fittings will be installed and how they will be controlled. The distance from the supply to the light fitting also plays a part in a successful installation.

Our bespoke exterior colour changing LED lights are more expensive to purchase and install compared to standard white only LEDs. However colour changing LED fittings offer white plus many, many more colours.

If you would like a bespoke colour changing LED light system please call us to discuss it further on 020 8925 8639.

However if you would like a more cost effective colour changing scheme for your own electrician to install, then you can purchase Collingwood Lighting's range of RGBW LEDs here.

With colour changing LED lights there is a world of opportunities; let your imagination run wild!

NB: Photo shows bespoke light fittings installed by Moonlight Design