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Retro Lighting

Add the finishing touches to a variety of interior and exterior design styles with our range of rustic and vintage light bulbs here at Moonlight Design. Our collection of antique light bulbs feature the iconic enlarged filaments and deep yellow glow that makes this style of bulb so popular, adding an extra layer of vintage charm to your lamps, sconces and pendant lights. Our vintage light bulbs look fantastic in all light fittings, but they work especially well with our range of traditional, low-hanging pendant light fittings and our copper finish lights, which work together to create the ultimate antique style. 

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Design & Installation
2067 Items - 
  • Bologna Pedestal Black Opal Lens B3 (Globe) art.313
  • Bologna Wall Up Black Opal Lens B1 (Globe) art.361
  • Chelsea Chain Copper CS8 - Copper art.961
  • Chelsea Down Copper CS2 art.960
  • Chelsea Grande Half Lantern Copper CSG7/2 art.963
  • Chelsea Grande Pedestal Copper CSG3 art.957
  • Chelsea Grande Single Post Copper CSG5 art.951
  • Chelsea Grande Up Copper CSG1 art.955
  • Chelsea Half Lantern Copper CS7 art.950
  • Chelsea Half Lantern Small Copper CS7/2 art.962
  • Chelsea Pedestal Copper CS3 art.956
  • Chelsea Wall Copper CS1 art.954
  • Como Black C2  art.370
  • Como Triple Post Black C7 art.373
  • Firenze Chain Black F8 art.800A
  • Firenze Triple Post Black F7 art.830
  • Firenze Wall Black F2 art.800
  • Karlstad Black art.230
  • Latina Black LA8 art.105
  • Malaga Half Lantern Black M8 art.170
  • Malaga Half Lantern White M8 art.170
  • Mini Black M8/2 art.175
  • M8/2 Mini White M8/2 art.175
  • Rimini Down Wall Lantern (6 sided) R2 art.2591
  • Rimini Pedestal Lantern (6 sided) R3 art.250
  • Rimini Single Post Lantern (6 sided) R5 art.401
  • Rimini Up Wall Lantern (6 sided) R1 art.259
  • Turin Chain Black T8 art.481A
  • Turin Down Wall Lantern Black T2 art.481
  • Turin Grande Chain Black TG8 art.493A
  • Turin Grande Down Wall Lantern Black TG2 art.493
  • Turin Grande Pedestal Black TG3 art.494
  • Turin Grande Signal Post Black TG5 art.491
  • Turin Grande Twin Post Black TG6 art.492
  • Turin Grande Up Wall Lantern Black TG1 art.490
  • Turin Half Lantern Black T9 art.730
  • Turin Pedestal Black T3 art.484
  • Turin Pillar Black T4 art.485
  • Turin Triple Post Black T7 art.483
  • Turin Twin Post Black T6 art.482
  • Turin Up Wall Lantern Black T1 art.480
  • Valencia Chain Black V8 art.351A
  • Valencia Down Lantern Black V2 art.351
  • Valencia Grande Down Lantern Black VG2 art.381
  • Valencia Grande Pedestal Black VG3 art.384
  • Valencia Grande Signal Post Black VG5 art.301
  • Valencia Grande Up Lantern Black VG1 art.380
  • Valencia Half Lantern Black V9 art.261