You may have noticed on Twitter or Facebook that we are sponsoring two young British triathletes, Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay. It’s not unusual for business’s to sponsor sports men and women, it’s been going on for many, many years.

So why have we sponsored these two athletes, we don’t sell sports equipment, clothes or supplements?

In truth there are various reasons;

Health: In the last twenty years diabetes around the world has risen from 30 million to over 246 million people. Hopefully Lucy & Reece can succeed and just like the Brownlee brothers, they can inspire youngsters to go out and take part in sport. Too many young people see sport as something ‘others’ do and for our children’s future, this has to change. Inactivity in children is a ticking time bomb.

Support: There is very little support for our future sport stars, funding is limited and unless you are fortunate enough to have financial backing from your parents, it’s very hard to participate in sport at the highest level. If you want to progress you have to take part in European and world competitions and of course this is not cheap.

Giving something back: As a business it’s easy to focus on making a profit and nothing else. We feel that investing in local talent and making a difference to others is also important. When Moonlight Design started, there was no help and it’s hard for a company to survive; 80% of business’s fail within the first two years.

Association: We pride ourselves at being the best at what we do. Over the last 13 years we have honed and toned the way we install our lighting systems, what products we use plus what lights we install; we have strived to make our company the best. Lucy and Reece work so hard every day of the week from very early in the morning right until the end of the day. This dedication is what makes them the best and whilst we are from different ‘worlds’, we are very similar.


Winning Combination

With our support Lucy was able to take part in the world Ironman championships which she won (for her age group) and Reece finished 5th best in the world. Whilst we don’t have any medals, we believe we are the best in the UK at what we do, we are also winners!

To find out more about these fantastic athletes please click the links below



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