Which Lighting Should You Have For Your Kitchen? [Kitchen Lighting Tips Before You Get Started]

Your kitchen is always going to be one of the most important rooms of your home; it might be where your family regroups after a busy day, where you and your partner spend quality time cooking together, and these days it might even be where you find yourself working from home. This is why making sure you have the right lighting is going to make all the difference. 

When considering how to light a kitchen, ideally you should be considering what you want during the planning stage of your kitchen. This way you will have more options with more time to implement them. If you’re not too sure where to start we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out what lighting you should have for your kitchen.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Kitchen Ceiling?

Ambient lighting is what you’re aiming for when considering your kitchen ceiling light, whether this is one main light in the centre of your ceiling or several placed strategically across. The key things that you’re aiming for when deciding on the best kitchen lighting for you are:

  • That the light evenly reaches across the room 
  • It is large enough to find all the gaps that natural lighting cannot reach
  • That installing dimmable lighting can help create ambience, allowing your kitchen to adapt seasonally and to match whatever function you need.

If you’re working with a smaller kitchen then you will most likely be able to have one main flush ceiling light, but if you’re working with a larger space then you need to consider having a number of lights placed across the space to expand where the light covers.

Pendant Lighting

A pendant light is a classic kitchen must-have, available in a multitude of styles, the pendant can offer a statement piece into any kitchen decor every time. For smaller kitchens your single pendant light can be hung centrally, providing light throughout, or if you’re wanting to create more of a ceiling feature you can arrange multiple pendant lights together. 

Our range of pendant lights here at Moonlight Design reflects a variety of interior decor styles; from the simple but effective Paloma Single Pendant, available in copper, gold or chrome perfect to group together across a wider ceiling, onto more of a statement piece which will look perfect on its own like the Heran Single Pendant.

Semi Flush/Flush Mount Lighting

A flush mount light is directly fitted to the ceiling and often blends right in. They’re a great choice for lower ceilings because they don’t require much hanging space and can help illuminate a larger space within the room – just what you need from your kitchen ceiling light. The Hadley Flush Mount fitting is a perfect example, a wide, flush fitting which will illuminate your kitchen without taking up a lot of space.

Semi-flush is very similar but hangs a bit more; a great example for your kitchen ceiling would be the Mantra Cuadrax 8 Light fitting, available in a few different sizes this semi-flush fitting will cast a wide light in any kitchen.

Kitchen Chandelier 

A chandelier is a statement choice for your kitchen lighting and can be the perfect focal point especially above a kitchen table or an island. The beauty of the chandelier is that it has evolved over time, meaning that we now have plenty of contemporary designs to match more up to date decors. Our Quoizel 6 light Chandelier is the perfect example of a modern, dramatic chandelier which will add a flair of elegance to your kitchen space.

What Is The Best Recessed Lighting For A Kitchen?

If you’re lucky enough to be working with a bigger kitchen, one that maybe has an island in the middle and worktops scattered throughout, then recessed lighting is for you. To help ease your eyes and make cooking tasks easier you require even lighting throughout the kitchen; recessed lighting will help implement this whilst adding an extra spotlight on the parts of the kitchen you find yourself chopping food, reading recipes, or even helping with homework. 

Some of the best recessed lighting for the kitchen would be the recessed downlight like our Recessed Diyas Round Downlights which incorporates the downlight with clear crystal to create a clean, modern look.

How To Position Spotlights In A Kitchen

Recessed downlights or spotlights are a contemporary approach to recessed lighting, brightening your kitchen and keeping the design simple. Your ceiling spotlights need to be 2 feet (60cm) away from the edges of the wall. Then, you need to evenly measure them across the ceiling for balanced lighting. Bear in mind where in the kitchen you’ll be standing, cooking, socialising and more to decide where to place the downlights; think carefully about where shadows may appear and be mindful when deciding where to place them.

How To Choose Under Cabinet Lighting For A Kitchen

Under-cabinet lighting not only brightens up your kitchen but adds a layer of task lighting to the room; helping your eyes when you’re prepping tea during those winter months, sneaking down for those midnight feasts, or even just adding more of a positive visual experience to the room. 

Under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen needs to be a cool, bright colour temperature to ensure it brightens the space and reduces eye strain. 

How To Install Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets

Installing your under cabinet lights all depends on what type you choose. If you’ve opted for plug-in or battery lights these are usually much easier to install yourself; all you need to do is ensure that they’re close to a plug socket, measure out evenly where you want them placed and hang them in place!

Hardwire under cabinet lighting, however, can’t be a DIY job, you’ll need a professional electrician to make sure they’re installed safely and correctly.

Kitchen Lighting Tips

If you’re still feeling torn about your kitchen lighting then here are just a few tips to consider:

  • Ceiling lighting should create ambience and be the ideal replacement for natural light.
  • You need to think carefully about where in the kitchen you will perform key tasks, this will be where you need more focused, task lighting. 
  • Consider where shadows will be cast from your lighting choices and alter accordingly.
  • Kitchens are multifunctional – so your lighting should be too!
  • Consider implementing mood lighting for those times you find yourself relaxing in the kitchen space.

The key thing with your kitchen lighting is to have fun with it and make it suit you! Only you know what you want from your kitchen space and you have the power to make sure the lighting reflects just that. If you’re still looking for more tips and advice on getting your kitchen lighting just right, check out our 8 Easy Kitchen Lighting Ideas blog that will help you brighten up your kitchen space.

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