Top 5 Children’s Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect lighting for your children’s bedroom, then you have come to the right place. At Moonlight Design, we are committed to offering premium quality lighting to elevate every area of your home, and this is highlighted with our children’s bedroom lighting options available. So, if you’re unsure of where to begin when choosing lighting for your children’s bedroom, then we are here to help. We have put together our top ideas and advice for children’s bedroom lighting ideas, which covers everything from style to practicality. After all, we are firm believers that one shouldn’t have to compromise for the other!

Read through our top tips today to get inspired when lighting your children’s bedrooms. 

1. Continue a Theme with Pendant Lighting 

When lighting any room, your first thoughts immediately go to a ceiling light. Practical for bathing a whole room in light and out of the way from small hands, pendant lights are the most obvious choice for a children’s bedroom. But that doesn’t mean they have to look out of place in a child’s room, a lot of pendant lights on the market are targeted at minimal design spaces, but this doesn’t have to be your only option. 

When it comes to building your child an imaginative escape and a space that they can truly call their own, then you don’t want to shatter the illusion by adding grown-up designs, even when it comes to lighting! At Moonlight Design, we have a wide range of novelty and themed pendant lighting that will elevate any children’s bedroom. No matter the theme of their room, from space and travel to fairies and gardens, we have children’s pendant lighting to suit every style. Plus, being easy to install and having a big impact on the room, themed pendant lighting might be the easiest and most practical addition to the room.

2. Safety in Night Lights and Dimmable Lighting

For younger children, having a simple pendant light isn’t always enough and flicking between the whole room in light or darkness can be quite scary. So, if your child is afraid of the dark or doesn’t do well with too-bright spaces, then you might want to consider dimmable lighting instead.

Dimmable lighting is a perfect choice for a children’s bedroom or nursery as it allows the level of brightness to be controlled in the room. Whether you want to help your children’s eyes adjust when waking them up in the morning or they sleep better with a soft blanket of light in the room, the possibilities are endless. Explore simple dimmable lights for your children’s bedroom today with options that are sleek and subtle enough to blend with the rest of their decor. Alternatively, you can also find a plethora of dimmable mains drivers, which allows you to transform any lighting source into a dimmable output when correctly installed. These may seem more complicated to install, but they are the perfect option if you have already found an ideal pendant light and just want to make a minor change to the light output. 

3. Choose Wall Lights for a Relaxed Atmosphere 

Your child’s room needs to feel like a safe and cosy space where they can truly relax. After a long day of playing and adventuring, they need their own space to wind down at night without sensory overload. It can be hard to shift the focus from all of the bright and fun toys in their room to settling down in bed. If this sounds like what your child needs, then consider adding wall lights to your children’s room. By adding softer touches of glow around the room, children can relax with the scene set for nighttime and a gradual transition from all-systems-go to wind down hour. 

Explore our collection of wall lights available, and browse options, including flush wall lights that blend seamlessly with your children’s decor and wall reading lights which are great for little bookworms settling down for a bedtime story. 

4. Add Small Touches with LED and String Lights

Once you have your main light sources out of the way for your child’s bedroom, you can focus on adding the little touches that complete the room. Cosy and comforting atmospheres are created with string lights, whether they’re draped across the walls or around your child’s bed. They also make for a great nightlight if you’re wary of too much brightness disturbing your children’s sleep!

However, more than just a calming and sweet addition, you can incorporate string lights into the theming of your child’s room. Perhaps you want to create a starry night sky effect to tie in with a fairy garden or camping theme, then just hang string lights across the ceiling for a twinkling look. Alternatively, why not choose LED strip lights to line the corners of the room or their bed? This will create a bright and futuristic mood lighting that wouldn’t look out of place onboard a spaceship? 

Simple additions, such as string or LED lights, may seem unnecessary, but when used right, they have a big impact on the room, so let your creativity fly. 

5. Consider Task Lighting for Older Kids

Finally, don’t forget to think about task lighting, especially if your children are a little bit older. Adding a simple table lamp to their desk allows them a comfortable space to work on homework and hobbies. Similarly, floor lamps are space-saving solutions that ensure your kids have all the lighting they need where they want it whilst still saving room for their projects to take place and flourish. To establish the right balance in lighting for your older child’s bedroom, you want to divide the room by its purpose. Divide a section for your child to relax and then an area where they can focus, and define the spaces with layered lighting. Both desk lamps and floor lamps are an easy way to achieve this, but you may also want to consider hanging a wall light directly above their desk for targeting task lighting that doesn’t clutter up any of their workspaces. Then, on the relaxing side of their room, this is where you can bring in and utilise LED strip lights, an on-trend favourite for older kids and teens at the moment!

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