Moonlight Design

Rain rain go away

You would think that living in the UK we’d be used to rain, well, we are….sort of! The wet weather can be a real problem for our guys installing electrics outside, it might sound strange but electrics and water don’t mix!! So far this year we have been severely delayed yet we have managed to carry on as much as possible because we, like others, are often held to a tight schedule. There are times though that we just can’t carry on as the smallest amount of water can cause... Read More

Cheap is not cheerful

I had a customer telephone the office today to discuss his garden lighting. The conversation was based around the price and then the quality of the light fittings. However, the bottom line with most people is cost and the perceived quality associated with the price. The honest answer is that if one wants a lighting system that is going to last, then it’s not going to be cheap. When I started in exterior lighting (12 years ago) and I used to offer a quote/ price in an apologetic manner however,... Read More


Just been to see another project in London; a very smart sharp garden with a welcoming client looking to improve the exterior lighting they inherited. The previous owners had a lighting system installed and to be honest, it wasn’t great. One could argue that I would say that but the truth is, the installation was potentially dangerous. This, I know, is quite a statement to make but the lights in the borders were 240v mains supplied right to the fitting itself. The fittings looked like any other non-branded light, black... Read More

Time is all in the mind

The first blog I wrote was just a teaser to see what it looked like on our new site however the time delay from the first blog to the second got me thinking. It reminded me of some projects we work on. The client call’s us with an urgent tone to their enquiry, “we want garden lighting and really need you down here ASAP”. The initial enquiry whets the appetite and a meeting is set. Upon arrival at the client’s property it becomes apparent that perhaps the urgency for a... Read More

Where does one start?

Blogging….well it seems we are now part of the blog community! The trouble is, I have to think about what to write and then have the time to sit and type it..oh for the old days, life was so easy! A quick nap is required for inspiration…..