How Our Design Service Works

Here at Moonlight Design, we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, premium range of both exterior and interior light fittings. Established in 2003, with initial hopes of creating a collection of remarkable lighting schemes that will bring all gardens to life, our services have achieved so much more, managing to illuminate even the most mundane of interior rooms.

Path of trees during the night, lit by spot lights shining up from the ground

What you might not know is, here at Moonlight Design, we have a team of our own qualified electricians who can not only install our light fittings but can help put together magnificent lighting schemes. We can provide top quality, first-hand experience, that when matched with UK’s leading garden designers can create the perfect, professional, mood-setting space for your home. 

If you’re looking for a unique, customised lighting scheme to make your house and garden feel more like your home, then our design service can help!

How Can Our Lighting Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

Lighting can be the perfect way to make the best use of your garden space, especially at night time. The right lighting will ensure you get the best from your garden space from summer through to winter, bringing the best parts of it into focus and using the darker aspects to create the illusion of a bigger space. Through our bespoke services, lighting becomes an easy, transformational addition to your garden space; taking the ordinary and making something unique and outstanding.

At Moonlight Design, we only use LED lighting technology for our projects; providing customers with a longer life light bulb as well as lower energy bills and, overall, keeping the environment in mind. The bright, luminous colours of LED bulbs help us to illuminate your garden with ambient, mood-setting lighting. Perfect for your outside dining areas, you can also choose from LED spike light walkways to bring pathways to life in the dark or to enhance your garden’s water features – making them even more eye-catching.

Here are some of the lighting effects and techniques we will implement to get the best from your space:

  • Uplighting: By placing lights at ground level, we can illuminate specific items in the right way. 
  • Downlighting: Similarly, downlighting is placing the light at the very top. For example, placing light fittings flush with the top of doorways or entrances will create interesting shadows.
  • Cross lighting: By lighting an item from two different sides, it creates a soft light onto it, illuminating it but not in an overpowering way. 
  • Path & Step Lighting: This technique usually involves spot or spike lighting, paving the way to encourage guests to follow.
  • Water Lighting: By inserting lights into your water feature, some stunning effects can be created. The reflections and ripples caused by the water create something different every time that is very pleasing to the garden’s aesthetics.
  • Moonlighting: Romanticise your home space, by placing lighting in a tree it allows shadows to be created that emulate real moonlight and enhance your garden.
  • Colour Changing: Our coloured LED lightings can completely change the mood of your garden and create just the right atmosphere you’re striving for.

By merely matching some of these effects, Moonlight Design can transform your garden and everything into it into an eye-catching, warming space the whole family will want to spend time in. We’ll help you see precisely what we have planned through our thoroughly detailed quotations, computer-aided design plotting, 3D render visualisations and Lux levels. Digitally, your new garden will be brought to life, so nothing is left to the imagination. Focusing on lighting areas of the garden you’ll spend time in, guiding walkways and enhancing the natural elements to create a beautiful surrounding for you and your home.

How We Work: Creating A Design Solution

So, just how does our design service work?

By collaborating with top garden designers, landscape architects, interior designers and with you, the customer, we at Moonlight Design get a good feel for what aspects of your garden needs enhancing. From there, we zoom out and look at what lighting solutions we can provide to bring your full garden space to life and to form a unique, illuminated space just for you. 

Once we’ve drawn up these plans, designed especially for you and your garden, our team will provide you with a quote and, where needed, provide you with a plan or 3D visualisations that will help bring to life the stunning, bespoke vision we’ve put together for your space.

After you’ve confirmed to come on board, our team will work with the landscape contractors to ensure you and your family can get your garden of dreams with minimal disruption to your home life. If you’re not landscaping your garden at the same time, then our team will work on the garden ourselves, keeping everything in place and improving the space completely.

Installing Your Design

After we’ve designed what your dream garden looks like, it’s time to install it. Our team of experienced, quality electricians ensure each fitting is installed safely, securely and in the best way for your garden design. Not only is all of our installation equipment IP rated for external use, but cables, transformers and junction boxes are placed out of sight so as not to ruin the beautiful aesthetics as your garden is transformed from day into night.

You can rest assured that your garden design installation is in the safest of hands, to provide you with a scheme that looks good and is as safe as possible for your family home.

Get Your Bespoke Lighting Quotation Today

With 17 years of experience, you can trust that our company will provide you with a top-quality service that will never disappoint. To concrete this, our design service comes with a 5-year warranty to make sure we’re with you even after our services are finished.Getting your dream garden; illuminated, welcoming and atmospheric, is as simple as these few steps. Make the first step today and contact us here at Moonlight Design and let us create a magical space right outside your door.

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