Hallway Lighting Ideas

Your hallway should give your guests a taster of your home style; as your front door opens into it, it should set the tone, welcome them and give them a snapshot of what to expect in the rest of the house. Lighting is key in creating ambience, setting a mood and highlighting the right areas of a room. We’ve put together a few entrance hallway lighting choices that you can make to achieve an enchanting welcoming for your guests. Use your hallway lighting to create the perfect environment that will meet you at the door and make retreating into your home, even after the longest workdays, warm and inviting.

Statement Lighting

Let your home’s personality stun anyone as they open the door to your home with a statement lighting piece; a great, elegant choice can be a chandelier. Chandeliers are a vintage-styled classic that can add an ageless statement to any hallway. A piece like our Hinkley Lighting Vintage Brass fitting will add glamour to even the smallest of halls, providing a warm light and creating a captivating entry to your home. For something a bit different, our Kichler Aleeka Chandelier brings everything beautiful that the vintage classic offers and incorporates it with a celestial, contemporary design.

If you want the bewitching effects of the chandelier, but the size of your hallway doesn’t offer the correct amount of hanging space, then a pendant light fitting is the perfect choice for you. The ideal addition to an industrial style, our Davey Lighting Oceanic Pendant, provides modern statement lighting while also blending perfectly with a range of decors.

Illuminating Lighting 

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with an elongated hallway, then there’s a good chance that one light won’t be enough! For long hallway lighting, you need to make the correct choices that will illuminate the full space without compromising on the style. Advisably, having several light sources within the area and matching the perfect ceiling lighting with a floor lamp can be the ideal way to brighten it up without overcrowding it. For example, pairing the simplistic, contemporary style of the FEISS pendant chandelier ceiling light with their Urban Renewal Floor lamp ensures the decor style is continuous while brightening up the full room.

If you’ve installed a sideboard or side unit into your hallway, then even a table lamp will extend the light in your long hallway and add a glow exactly where it’s needed. Suppose you’re continuing the industrial, urban-style. In that case, styles like our Endon Lighting brushed brass hoop lamp will make a great addition, implementing a smaller statement piece and brightening up a greater radius of the room.  

Focused Lighting

If you’re trying to find the right balance to light up your hallway, then deciding on more focused lighting is usually the best way to go. For narrow hallway lighting, you need to consider what in the room you want to be illuminated in that small space, i.e. the door entrance, a coat rack or, perhaps, the stairs entrance. A great way to supply focused lighting in a small area can be through utilising the wall space. Wall lighting is an ideal way to brighten up a room without compromising on any of the space; meaning you can brighten your hallway without overcrowding. At Moonlight Design, we have an extensive range of wall lighting options, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of decor style. For simplistic minimalism our Searchlight Lighting wall bracket is ideal, adding character and warming up any hallway. The best part of this option is that it is ready for you to paint it any colour you choose. So, if the white doesn’t blend with your ideas, you can create an even bolder statement piece to brighten your hallway in every way. There’s also a range of spotlight designs, pyramid design and cylinders in our hallway wall lights range that will complement a great range of decors and styles and enhance any hallway.

Minimalistic Hallway Lighting

For a small hallway space, less is most definitely more, in both decors and lighting. Small hallway lighting is better when it’s minimalistic, sleek and stylish. Pair whitewashed walls, light woods and laminate flooring with simple lighting that will gently illuminate and make a small hallway feel much more spacious and open. Examples, such as our Searchlight Lighting Satin Silver and Frosted Glass light and the FEISS Brianna Polished Nickel Wall Fitting, match pure whites with one tone metals. This provides a clean minimal look that is not only contemporary but ageless too.You can even transform a classical hallway into a contemporary one with any of the Searchlight lighting picture lights. Whether your minimalistic look is utilising brass, chrome, silver or copper, there’s an elegant picture light that will brighten up the walls of your small hallway and help invite all your guests inside.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for your Hallway

Once you have chosen the right style of lighting to suit your home decor and aesthetic, it is important to still take into account the size of your hallway. After all, you don’t want to choose a light fitting that is too large for your hall as this will overwhelm the space. To find the perfect style for your size entranceway, explore our style tips below. 

Small Entrance Hall Lighting Ideas 

If your hallway is particularly short in height or length, then you should opt for flush ceiling lights for your entranceway. This will create the illusion of a larger space and open up your hallway for a warm welcome to guests.  Plus, if your entranceway has quite a low ceiling, then you can ensure that no one is catching their heads on low hanging lights or pendants. 

Flush ceiling lights in the hallway are available in a plethora of designs, so you need not worry about sacrificing style for practicality. In our collection, you can explore flush ceiling lights for the hallway in either minimal and contemporary designs, or more ornate and vintage-inspired looks. With our wide selection available, you can find the perfect hallway lighting, no matter how small your space. 

Tall Entry Hall Lighting Ideas 

Tall entranceways afford you the luxury of being more choosy with your lighting, so don’t ignore this opportunity to make the most out of your hallway. Of course, you can still opt for flush ceiling lights, but you should take care not to create a hallway that is so bare that it becomes a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter the front door. 

Instead, choose something eye-catching that will draw the eye up for all the right reasons. With a glittering chandelier, you are sure to get guests talking and create a warm atmosphere that will elevate the rest of the house. If you prefer something more simple than a full chandelier, then opt for a low hanging pendant light and make the most out of the height your hallway affords you. Plus, if your hallway is as long as it is long, then you can line the entranceway with a couple of pendant lights that carry the light through the home. 

Hall Light Ideas for Long Hallways

When it comes to long hallways and entranceways, you should make sure that guests are guided through the hallway by light, instead of facing a barely-lit end. By filling the whole hallway with light, you can ensure anyone coming into your home feels welcome and this atmosphere will carry through to the rest of your home. To properly lit a long hallway, we recommend choosing one central ceiling light, to be placed either in the middle of the hallway or closer to the front door. Accompanying the ceiling light, we recommend choosing hallway wall lights to line the path through your entranceway. These will add a soft glow of light that ensures every inch is illuminated without creating a brightness that is too overbearing.

With wall lights, you can also carry the theme and decor choice throughout the rest of your home by using the same wall lights in the living room, dining room and bedroom, as well as other hallways in the home, of course.  This will help to create a seamless style and ambience in your home.

Hallway Lighting Tips

A few things to keep in mind when choosing the lighting for your hallway:

  • Strategically place your hallway lighting to maximise the space – implement rows of lighting, equally space out spotlights and ensure the light reaches every corner of the room you want it to. 
  • Assess the size of your hallway and implement lighting accordingly – if you have a small entrance, ensure your lighting choices don’t overpower and take away from the room’s decor. 
  • Highlight the right areas of your hallway, whether this is the entrance, a sideboard, the stairs, artwork or a mirror. Use your lighting to enhance wherever you want your guests’ eyes to go.
  • Have fun! Brightening up your home space should suit your preferences. By playing about with the available space and styles, you will create a hallway that shows your guest exactly whose home they’re entering.

Whatever your hallway space is like we should hopefully have equipped you with the tips and knowledge to illuminate and enhance it with the best lighting possible. Make the best out of your home’s entrance and light up any visitors path into your warm, welcoming home. Make sure to spend some time browsing our full collection of hall lights where you’re sure to find the perfect light fittings to match every style of decor.

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