Dining Room Lighting Ideas

From the place where you might catch up with all the domestic goings-on to the site where the fruits of your culinary labours are appreciated, the role of the dining room cannot be understated.

The dining area might not be foremost in your priorities when curating your living space. Even though it is an important place for the above reasons, it can fall behind the living room and the bedroom because of the amount of time we spend in them. With this said, we should pay attention to the dining area because the transformation can be massive with a little imagination. 

Decor, accessories and colours are all dependable ways to achieve this, and these are all noble – on that much we can agree. However, in terms of lighting, getting this right adds extra satisfaction besides that which is gained by focussing on decor alone. This little exploration of lighting design is just that – our little suggestion on how to light your dining room.


Dining Room Lighting Colour

What Style Lights Are Best?

Adding Some Extras

Dining Room Lighting Colour

Mealtimes, for many households, is a time to share news, catch up with people, and spark conversation. For this reason, the lighting design in the dining room needs to be accommodating and inviting. After all, what could be worse for trying to invigorate a gathering than dim, dour lighting? 

To set a vibrant atmosphere that welcomes conversation and positivity, then warm, amber hues are the best bet. You can achieve this with particular kinds of bulbs, with a dimmer switch or even with newer technology like Bluetooth bulbs which also allow you to change the colour of the output! In some cases, this latter option is great if your dining space is part of an open plan interior – the ability to change the colour and brightness will aid in making your space versatile. If it’s LED lights you want to install, recommended for their efficiency, aim for about 40 to 50 lumens.

What style lights are best?

Before you approach the idea of which lights will best illuminate your table area, you might want to consider the size and shape of your dining area first. If your dining room is long or the table is some distance from the walls, it might be best to fit some additional concealed lighting on the walls. 

Next, another consideration you should make is what shape the table is. This is where your lighting could really come to life. 

Rectangular tables

For your rectangular table, you will want to match the shape in the lighting above. For this, you may opt for contemporary, slightly-industrial track lighting. The track should run parallel to the table and cast light downwards. The beauty of track lighting is that the small shades can often be adjusted to provide the precise directionality you need! Track lighting can come in various styles and finishes, from art deco and lightly quirky to clean and minimalist. 

Track lighting in dining room

Dining room track lighting ideas

For some good dining room track lighting ideas, you should be sure about what kind of general theme your decor follows. Some track lighting operates as a series of small bulbs affixed to a monorail. These are good for spaces with simple, clean decor and can function as good modern dining room lighting ideas. 

You might consider a series of pendant lights attached to a rail to up the ante in terms of elegance. This option gives you a greater depth of choice because the shades, cords and mounts appear in several finishes and opacities. If your dining space has a vintage air about it, brushed metal or brass finishes might be a good idea. 

Alternatively, an angular rather than a rounded shade will help add contemporary style to your space. Either way, this way allows you to have eye-catching pendant lights without compromising on lighting up the length of your table.

Round tables

Yes, we too are now trying to imagine how King Arthur would light his infamous round table as well – it’s hard to get beyond the inevitable wall-mounted stags head! Suffice to say, though, If Arthur and his knights had anything about them, they would consider avoiding linear lighting. 

Round tables invite a little bit more of a statement piece and one that replicates the shape of the table as well. You could go for the opulent and opt for a chandelier or something similarly ornate.

You could also plump for a long pendant light for a little bit more of a pared-back approach. Either way, a single light fitment is an excellent way to draw attention to the softer edges of a round table. Don’t be fooled by single bulb fitments, either. A cluster of bulbs together can be a nice way to add a little eccentricity or unpredictability. 

Whilst a round table is the most obvious kind to employ this kind of lighting, it will also work for smaller, squatter, squarer tables – in essence, tables without much length. 

Adding some extras


Your dining room isn’t all about the primary sources of lighting. Whilst wall sconces, pendant lights and track lighting might all contribute to the overall illumination of the room; there is a lot to be said for ambience. 

A well-placed statement lamp – such as these stunning Tiffany examples – can really tie a dining space together. As well as a visual addition, lamps can be used to accent the dining space when not in use at mealtimes, for example. 


As well as synthetic lighting like lamps, there is a great way to add organic lighting. In cinematic dinners, it is a given that candles make at least a cameo appearance. Adding candles to your lighting plan won’t drastically add to the lighting level, but it will add atmosphere. Whilst a candlestick holder may suggest archaic, dated decor, it is a wonderful addition to the dinner table. What’s more, the flickering, lapping flames are just so easy on the eye, right?

Your taste, as well as the industry trends, will change year on year. However, keeping up is not necessarily as important as it is, for example, in the fashion industry. Choosing something that is suitable for your space, your present decor and your taste is a far more enriching way to ensure your lighting design lasts. Hopefully, with a few of these recommendations, you’ll hit the mark with ease. 

Dining room lighting - pendant lights

Dining room lighting at Moonlight Design

Moonlight Design has your lighting needs covered, whether your room is a banquet hall or part of a cosier open-plan. With a dizzying array of lighting options, from pendant lights to monorail track lights, even the most particular and discerning will be able to stumble upon their new favourite illumination. Take a look at all of our indoor lighting options and elevate your dining space with ease.

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