Dining Room Lighting Ideas

From the place where you might catch up with all the domestic goings-on to the site where the fruits of your culinary labours are appreciated, the role of the dining room cannot be understated. The dining area might not be foremost in your priorities when curating your living space. Even though it is an important place for the above reasons, it can fall behind the living room and the bedroom because of the amount of time we spend in them. With this said, we should pay attention to the dining... Read More

garden patio lighting ideas 04/01/2022

Thinking About Fitting a Security Light? 3 Important Factors to Consider

Shadowy garden? Dark passageways? Fitting a security light outside your home is a quick and easy route to peace of mind for when the darker evenings draw in. As a relatively affordable and straightforward piece of equipment to install, a motion sensor security light helps alleviate fears around home security. It also makes navigating dark outdoor spaces much safer when returning home late. Table of Contents 1) How Motion Sensor Security Lights Work 2) Choosing a Security Light 3) Things to Consider When Fitting a Security Light 4) Fitting a... Read More

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Makeup Application – Lighting Know-how

Applying the perfect winged eyeliner is hard enough as it is. What makes it much harder is trying to do it in poor lighting. There are so many different ways lighting can affect makeup application that it can feel like a minefield when navigating solutions.  This is why makeup artists and photographers pay great attention to the lighting in each scenario, as the wrong kind can make or break the outcome. Here we have some handy tips to upgrade your makeup station and help get you salon-ready for that night... Read More


Home Lighting Ideas – A Room by Room Guide

From maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm to carrying out our jobs, light is an important aspect of our day-to-day life. Getting the lighting in our homes right is a key part of our relationship with light. This room by room guide will help you decide how to light your home and choose what elements you include in your lighting design.  Before we crack on with illuminating your desire for all things home lighting, there are a couple of prior considerations to note…  Main Categories of Lighting Lighting often falls into... Read More


Different types of lighting

Lights are an essential feature in any home. Not only important for their practicality, using different types of lighting is a great way to inject some style into a room. Different types of light can bring a whole new aesthetic, and this can create a huge impact on the look, feel and mood of your space.  Functionally, lights are placed there to illuminate the room and light it up so you can see what’s going on in the area around you, but it’s not all just about practicality. Great lighting... Read More


Top 7 Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedrooms are not only places to sleep but an intimate space where you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself. Comfortable beds are essential for improving sleep quality and encouraging relaxation, but did you know that high-quality, stylish lighting can also have a huge impact on how well you sleep? Here at Moonlight Design, we have plenty of bedroom lighting ideas to suit your needs. Whether your room is small and minimalist or large and full of furniture, our top 7 bedroom lighting ideas are sure to help you... Read More

Top 50 Garden Lighting Ideas. 19/02/2021

Top 50 garden lighting ideas

Spring is just around the corner, so now’s the perfect time to start thinking about new garden lighting ideas to create your paradise. Here at Moonlight Design, we are experts in outdoor lighting, and we have plenty of garden lights and ideas that can help you transform your outdoor space into an eye-catching and comfortable Eden of light.  To help inspire you,  take a look at our 50 garden lighting ideas for redesigning your garden with a variety of outdoor lights that will match your personality and budget.  1. Small... Read More


How To Light A Kitchen

As one of the key rooms in a home, the kitchen can become a hub of life; the perfect spot for socialising, cooking and eating. Having the correct kitchen lighting to make this a unique space is crucial to balancing the right homely ambience with a functional space that lets you cook safely and get your daily tasks done. Updating your kitchen lighting can be the easiest way to give your old kitchen a fresh new feel. The key idea of lighting your kitchen is to make sure you’re brightening... Read More


Screw Cap or Bayonet: Which Lightbulb Should I Buy?

Choosing the right light bulb is easy when you know what you need. If you’re not sure which light bulb is suitable for your lamp or light fitting have no fear, we’ve put together this light bulb buying guide here to help you.  To choose the right light bulb, you will need to know: Which type of light bulb cap or base your light fitting needs Which shape of light bulb you need Which type of lighting technology you need (e.g. LED) What level of light bulb brightness you need... Read More

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Easy Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your New Kitchen

Whether you’re in the throes of a kitchen refit or merely looking for an interiors refresh, your choice of Kitchen lighting can make all the difference. Far from just an afterthought or simply a practical addition, your lighting can transform a kitchen space and provides all kinds of creative opportunities for interior design. We’ve collected all of our favourite kitchen lighting ideas in one place to deliver that bolt of inspiration and help you add the perfect finishing touches to your new kitchen vision. 1. Kitchen Pendant Lights This classic... Read More