Can I use Voice Control with my Light Symphony Lighting Controls?

The short answer is: Yes you can.

Light Symphony has long been blazing the trail for innovative remote control lighting technology, and voice control is already being built into its systems as we type. The energy and time-saving benefits of remote control lighting has already made it increasingly popular with homeowners and businesses alike, and the introduction of voice control is making everything a whole lot easier.  

Installing remote control lighting allows you a greater (and more convenient) level of control over your interior and exterior lighting. This, in turn, helps you save energy by making sure lights are only on when they need to be, and by allowing easy dimming control for lower levels of energy consumption. And, of course, the easier it becomes to control your lights, the easier it will become to increase our energy saving rates still further.

Remote Control Lighting & Smart Technology

With the rise of smartphones inevitably came the integration of smartphones and remote control lighting technology. It wasn’t long before Light Symphony introduced its smartphone starter kits and iOS and Android apps to enable users to control their lighting from their phones.

light symphony smartphone voice control

This opened doors for higher levels of control and convenience, particularly for controlling garden lighting, driveway, electric gates and pool lighting. But blending smartphones with remote control lighting was just the first of the many exciting technology advancements to come.

Remote Control Lighting & Voice Control

We have now entered the ‘Voice Age’ of technology, and the possibilities it has opened up are making waves in the lighting field. Now, we all know that voice assisted technology itself is nothing new. We are, after all, more than familiar with the omnipresent Siri, Cortana and other similar voice-activated characters, though their usefulness has rarely been unanimously agreed on.

But this is all changing. With the relatively more recent introduction of Siri and Cortana’s bigger, smarter cousins, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the popularity and usefulness of voice control has taken a huge leap forward. And, as voice-assisted technology has finally begun to knit itself into our everyday lives, more and more technology manufacturers are building voice activation compatibility into their products.

Light Symphony & Voice Control

As one of the most popular designers and manufacturers of cutting edge remote control lighting systems, Light Symphony has introduced Alexa-ready technology into its offering. As of April 2018, all of Light Symphony’s iPort systems (set up to be compatible with Android smartphones) became available to buy with Alexa-ready technology built-in. This means that, if you buy an iPort, you can control all the remote control lighting on your property with simple commands like:

light symphony voice control

voice control light symphony

Perfect if you’re sick of switches or if you haven’t got your phone to hand, Light Symphony’s new Alexa remote control lighting systems make home lighting control as easy as it could ever be. Already got an older iPort? Don’t panic, you won’t have to re-buy it. You can upgrade your existing iPort for you for a small charge; just get in touch with us and we’ll sort this for you if you bought your iPort from us.

And what about Google?

If you’re the proud owner of a Google Home voice assistant, don’t worry, you won’t be left out of the voice-activated lighting revolution. Light Symphony is already working on integrating its remote control technology with the Google Home system, just as it has done with Alexa. With the project underway as we type, it shouldn’t be too long before Google technology is officially welcomed into the Light Symphony fold. Watch this space!

Where can I buy Light Symphony Remote Control Technology?

We stock all the latest and most popular Light Symphony remote control technology, with different systems designed for a range of lighting applications. From smartphone kits complete with the all-important iPort to RGB lighting controllers, drivers, light sensors and timers, our range has something to help you control all the lighting in your home. Browse the full range of Light Symphony Lighting Control technology here at Moonlight Design to get started.

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