8 Easy Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your New Kitchen

Whether you’re in the throes of a kitchen refit or simply looking for an interiors refresh, your choice of Kitchen lighting can make all the difference. Far from just an afterthought or simply a practical addition, your lighting can transform a kitchen space and provides all kinds of creative opportunities for interior design. We’ve collected all of our favourite kitchen lighting ideas in one place to deliver that bolt of inspiration and help you add the perfect finishing touches to your new kitchen vision.

So, let’s jump straight in with some ideas:

1. Kitchen Pendant Lights

kitchen lighting ideas pendant lights

This classic kitchen light idea guarantees incredibly stylish results every time, no matter the style or layout of your kitchen. Simple yet striking, a kitchen pendant light can be hung as a single, standalone lamp or arranged in a group with multiple pendants for a statement feature. 

This grouping of pendant lights is also a highly effective way of creating kitchen island lighting features, which is another perfect kitchen lighting idea for those lucky enough to have a kitchen big enough for a kitchen island. Simply arrange 2, 3, 4 or more pendant lights centrally in a line above your kitchen island to draw the eye and create a stylish focal point. 

Tip: If you’re installing multiple pendant or island lights, it is well worth seeking the help of a professional to help make sure all your lights are equally spaced and hung at the same height.

2. Rise & Fall Lighting

kitchen lights ideas rise and fall

These ingenious lights give you all the style and sophistication of pendant lighting ideas with one big additional bonus: Flexibility. Perfect for busy, multifunctional kitchens (particularly kitchen-diners), rise and fall lighting designs allow you to raise and lower your lights with ease, whenever you need to. The higher you position the lamp, the wider the spread of light will fall across your kitchen. You may wish to lower the lamps for mood lighting or accent lighting, while you can raise them to create ideal, bright task lighting and the feeling of more available space. 

3. Copper Collectives

kitchen lighting ideas copper lights

If you’re looking for kitchen lighting ideas to apply across the entire room as a coordinating style, copper is the perfect way to go. As a highly traditional metal found in kitchens of old (think glowing copper pots and pans), copper kitchen lighting is the perfect idea train for transforming your kitchen into a warming and traditional-yet-contemporary space. Try grouping different lighting styles in copper, which could include ceiling pendants, wall lamps and even floor lamps if you have a dining kitchen space, and watch as the coordinating metallics draw your kitchen together as one stunning space.

4. Exposed Cables

kitchen lighting ideas exposed cables

If you’re seeking kitchen lighting ideas to create more of an industrial, minimal feel, then fittings with exposed cables are just the ticket. Yet another variation on highly-popular kitchen pendant lighting ideas, exposed cable designs quite literally consist of a light pendant hanging from a bare cable flex, which would traditionally otherwise be encased in a decorative metal trim or another form of disguise. 

You can find pendant lights with bare cables, or you can simply buy bulbs on long cable flexes which can then be wound around poles, beams or exposed metalwork for a unique, industrial feel with a contemporary twist. 

Tip: Make sure any structures you plan to hang your cable lights from are sturdy enough to support this; always ask a professional if you’re not sure.

5. Hidden Lighting

kitchen lights ideas strip lights

If you’re looking for additional kitchen lighting ideas that add ambience and style in a less conspicuous way, it’s time for you to try out some LED strip lighting. Self-adhesive and easy to cut to any length, strip lighting can be placed inside glass cabinets, beneath wall cabinets or at the foot of floor-based cabinets to add a stylish glow with no visible source. Perfect for adding mood lighting at parties or simply for lighting bijoux kitchens with less available space, strip lighting comes in plain white light and colour-changing light options for maximum customisation.

6. Adjustable Spotlights and Track Lights

kitchen lighting ideas tracklights spotlights

Spotlights and track lights are the perfect choice for kitchen lighting if you want to take a no-fuss, no-frills approach without compromising on style or that high-quality finish. Spotlights are smart, sophisticated and timeless, making them the perfect long-term kitchen lighting idea that won’t fall out of fashion or need updating. 

You can opt for individual spots, which can be mounted on walls or ceilings and angled to face any direction you require. Alternatively, you can install kitchen track lights featuring 2, 3 4 or more individual spots along a central track, which allows you to cover multiple areas of your kitchen with your lighting as well as creating a stylish, central light feature.

7. Kitchen Chandeliers

kitchen lighting ideas chandelier

Going for grandeur? How about a chandelier to really set the tone? A chandelier makes the ultimate statement kitchen lighting idea for creating a truly striking kitchen design. Providing you have sufficient space and ceiling height to accommodate the width and drop length of your chosen chandelier, these elegant lighting designs can transform a kitchen in an instant. Especially perfect for dining kitchens, kitchen chandeliers can provide a central design focal point while adding a beautiful, bright light to your space. 

Not a fan of traditional crystals and glass? No problem. Chandeliers come in plenty of contemporary and alternative styles, too, so you’ll always be able to find a look that fits your vision.

8. Big Bulbs

ideas for kitchen lights oversize bulb vintage bulbs

Our final kitchen light idea is perfect for those who love a vintage vibe. Oversized bulbs with large filaments are proving to be quite the timeless, never-fading trend, and are incredibly easy to add or remove from your kitchen lighting setup as you see fit. Vintage bulbs mimic the rich glow and oversize style of the original Edison bulb while using modern LED technology to keep them energy-efficient and long-lasting. 

Try combining your vintage bulbs with contemporary class pendant light fittings or simply with a bare cable design for a sleek, industrial finish, or pair them with a traditional copper or brass light fitting for a more traditional, vintage feel.

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