5 Great Ways to Use Colour Changing Lights in Your Home and Garden

colour changing light

Colour changing lights are great for adding an element of stylish fun to your home and garden. They work perfectly to set the mood and can be used in a wide variety of ways to change things up, especially if your interior or exterior is need of a bright new look.

At Moonlight Design, we have showcased some of the best ways for you to implement colour changing lights throughout your home and garden, so you can see for yourself just how illuminating these fantastic products can be. Read on to discover five bright ideas for using colour changing lights.

1. Underwater lights

colour changing pond light

Underwater colour changing lights are perfect if you want to add a magic touch to your water feature after dark. Underwater lights can really bring your pond, fountain or swimming pool to life, as they illuminate the rippling water and the nocturnal activities of fish, frogs and other water dwellers.

Sit back and relax as colour changing lights create a visually stunning underwater show just for you with their mesmerising sequence of light colours. Underwater colour changing lights are also easily controlled with remote controllers and timers, meaning you can take control of your very own water light show with the simple touch of a button. Installing underwater lighting is no DIY job, however, so you will need to contact an expert electrician to help you fit your lights.

Now we’ve found the perfect lights for your outdoor water features, let’s look at brightening up the rest of the garden.

2. Colour Changing Light Speakers

colour changing lights barrel speakers

Excellent for garden parties and family get-togethers, our outdoor colour changing light speakers with RGB controls provide all the entertainment needed to make your party a smashing success as the sun starts to set.

Using colour changing light speakers, you can keep the fun going with your favourite music playlists, while a sequence of red, green and blue lights give off a great party vibe to create your very own garden dance floor.

3. Colour Changing Light Stools

colour changing light stool

And when your guests are tired of dancing, even your garden seating can make use of colour changing lights. Our LED colour changing light stools feature RGB controls which are perfect for keeping the party atmosphere going even when the dancing stops. Alternatively, you can use a colour changing light stool simply to bask in a colourful glow as you relax in the garden. That’s the beauty of these products; anything goes.

4. Colour Changing Ceiling Lights

colour changing ceiling lights

Heading indoors now, colour changing lights can make quite the impact on your home, not to mention a refreshing break from the usual white lighting options. Let’s start with the ceilings.

With colour changing ceiling lights, it’s easy to create a uniquely colourful aura in any room of the house. Our LED colour changing lights make use of convenient RGB controls and can be mixed to create beautiful pink or purple hues in all kinds of rooms from kids’ bedrooms to games rooms and home gyms.

They can also be set to change colour in repeating sequences, perfect for creating a party-ready disco atmosphere for any upcoming occasions you might be planning.

5. Colour Changing LED Light Strips

colour changing LED strip lighting

Our range of colour changing striplights are great for creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere for a variety of rooms in your home. In particular, LED colour changing striplights add extra style points to games rooms and kitchens, with the self-adhesive design making them a breeze to install beneath pool tables, kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Striplighting can provide a cool, modern touch to illuminate the darker corners of your games room, help with in-game immersion or simply showcase your crystal wine glass collection in the kitchen, and all without being too bright or overbearing.

The best thing about colour-changing striplighting is its flexibility, as it can quite literally be shaped to fit along practically any surface you like. Whether it’s a standard flat surface or a tricky, curved object, striplighting can be cut and shaped to fit the lot, giving you the opportunity to create completely custom lighting effects for your home.

Now that you know how to use colour changing lights effectively, it’s time to implement these ideas in your own home and garden. Check out our full range of exterior LED colour changing lights so you can add a unique touch of colour to your home.

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