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Which Lighting Should You Have For Your Kitchen? [Kitchen Lighting Tips Before You Get Started]

Your kitchen is always going to be one of the most important rooms of your home; it might be where your family regroups after a busy day, where you and your partner spend quality time cooking together, and these days it might even be where you find yourself working from home. This is why making sure you have the right lighting is going to make all the difference.  When considering how to light a kitchen, ideally you should be considering what you want during the planning stage of your kitchen.... Read More


Warm white or cool white lighting?

Getting the right type of lighting in your home is important and can really elevate the space when you get it right. Discovering which type of light to install can be tricky and you can often be left feeling overwhelmed with the number of choices available. Temperature colour can make a big difference in the aesthetic look of a room and this is where we come in to help. Here at Moonlight Design, we have created a guide to help you understand everything about colour temperature.  What is colour temperature? ... Read More

bioethanol fires benefits and questions 13/11/2019

What Are Bioethanol Fires? Benefits and Everything You Need to Know

Looking for an alternative to traditional gas, log and electric fires? A bioethanol fire might just be the very thing you need. If you’ve never heard of a bioethanol fire, or if you’d like to learn more about what they are and the benefits they carry, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about these incredible fires so you can decide if they are the right choice for you.  Let’s start at the very beginning: What are bioethanol fires and... Read More

kitchen lighting ideas pendant lights 25/07/2019

8 Easy Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your New Kitchen

Whether you’re in the throes of a kitchen refit or simply looking for an interiors refresh, your choice of Kitchen lighting can make all the difference. Far from just an afterthought or simply a practical addition, your lighting can transform a kitchen space and provides all kinds of creative opportunities for interior design. We’ve collected all of our favourite kitchen lighting ideas in one place to deliver that bolt of inspiration and help you add the perfect finishing touches to your new kitchen vision. So, let’s jump straight in with some... Read More

best lighting for makeup 24/05/2019

What is the best lighting for makeup application? [And what to avoid]

Applying makeup requires specific lighting to get the best results. Different types of lighting contain and create different ‘colours’ and levels of light, each creating a different visual effect on the face. This is why makeup artists and photographers pay a great deal of attention to the lighting in each scenario, as the wrong kind can make or break the outcome. So what exactly is the best lighting for makeup? We’ll talk you through the different ways to light your face for makeup application, including the types of light to... Read More

bathroom lighting ideas 06/03/2019

Bathroom Lighting Ideas: Traditional vs Modern

Struggling for bathroom lighting ideas? Not sure whether to go down the modern route or the traditional route? Perhaps we can help you decide … Bathroom interior design has been dominated by the modern and contemporary aesthetic for years now, and there’s a reason why it works so well. Contemporary lighting is often minimal and sleek, giving a clean and pared-back look that works well with the smooth tiling and neutral colours applied in most bathrooms. But that’s not to say there’s no place for traditional, ‘vintage-style’ or ornate lighting... Read More

what IP rating for outdoor lights 20/02/2019

What IP Rating do I Need for Outdoor Lights? (And Why it Matters)

Do you know what IP rating your outdoor lights need to have? Outdoor lighting has become ever more accessible with the development of low-voltage lighting and LED technology, but your lights will need to have a certain IP rating depending on where they will be installed and what they will be used for. Different installations and locations require different IP ratings, so let us walk you through the various IP ratings for outdoor lights to help ensure you choose the best and safest option. What is an IP Rating? IP... Read More

low voltage lighting advantages and benefits 06/02/2019

What is Low Voltage Lighting and What are the Advantages?

Low voltage lighting is often mistaken for energy-efficient lighting, the reputation of which took a beating when the first few rounds of products were released. Most of us still think of low voltage lighting as those spiral-shaped lamps which glowed with a sickly, pale blue hue and took forever to brighten up after being switched on. But low voltage lighting is a little different, and all forms of lighting have come a very long way since those dimly-lit days. So what is low voltage lighting? Here we explain the technology... Read More


Which Light Bulb Should I Buy? The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Light Bulbs

Choosing the right light bulb is easy when you know what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure which light bulb is right for your lamp or light fitting, use our light bulb buying guide here to guide you. To choose the right light bulb you will need to know: Which type of light bulb cap or base your light fitting needs Which shape of light bulb you need Which type of lighting technology you need (e.g. LED) What level of light bulb brightness you need Whether you need a... Read More

tiffany lamp history 28/12/2018

Tiffany Lamps: Where Did it all Begin?

  Everyone knows a Tiffany lamp when they see one. Even those that don’t carry the Tiffany name are immediately identified and exclusively referred to as ‘Tiffany’. It seems odd, when you think about it, that such a traditionally ‘old fashioned’ style using stained glass and lead could be so consistently popular in our world of contemporary, sleek interior design, and yet it is. Tiffany lamps are treasured and collected in museums and living rooms alike, filling our rooms with dazzling, dancing coloured light. But where did it all begin?... Read More