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LED Light Bulbs

Find an extensive range of LED light bulbs and LED lamp accessories for a range of lighting applications here at Moonlight Design. With a variety of styles for both indoor lights and outdoor lighting installations, our LED lamp bulbs collection has a bulb to suit any lighting styles and fitting requirements. Popular for their energy-efficiency and longevity, LED light bulbs make the ultimate long-term investment for all kinds of commercial and domestic lighting, not to mention the sheer diversity of styles, caps and bulb shapes available. Explore our full range to find everything from modern and vintage-style LED light bulbs to reflectors and LED chips.

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53 Items - 
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  • LED lamp G4 (capsule)
  • 3w LED lamp G4 (board)
  • LED lamp MR16
  • LED Lamp GU10 - Mains
  • GU10 7.5w LED
  • LL030CARGB Colour change LED unit (MR16 retro fit 23mm body) 3w - Aluminium - Low voltage Colour Change
  • RL111 LED AR111 Replacement for 75W Halogen - Low voltage
  • LED lamp MR16 7.5w
  • LED Lamp GU10 7W
  • LED Lamp GX53 9W
  • LED Lamp white globe E27 8W
  • Edison E27 8W LED Lamp
  • Candle E14 4W LED Lamp
  • Classic E27 8W LED Lamp
  • Clear globe E27 8W LED Lamp
  • Golf ball E27 4W LED Lamp
  • Golf ball E14 4W LED Lamp
  • Modux 2-4 Reflectors
  • Modux 1 Reflectors
  • Replacement Modux 1 XT-E LEDs
  • Replacement Modux 2 XT-E LEDs
  • Replacement Modux 4 XT-E LEDs
  • E27 LED  globe bulb  - Clear glass
  • E27 LED  globe bulb - Amber glass
  • E27 LED  globe bulb  - Clear glass Integrated LED
  • E27 LED  globe bulb - Amber glass
  • E27 LED  pear shaped bulb  - Clear glass
  • E27 LED  pear shaped bulb - Amber glass
  • XL E27 LED Dimple globe bulb - Amber glass
  • XL E27 LED Dimple globe bulb  - Clear glass
  • XL E27 LED globe bulb - Amber glass
  • XL E27 LED globe bulb  - Clear glass
  • Giant LED Balloon Deco Filament Amber Integrated LED
  • Replacement Pure LED Board
  • Replacement LED XTE Chip
  • E14 LED  golf bulb  - Clear glass
  • Groove Single LED Bulb
  • E14 LED  candle bulb  - Clear glass
  • E27 LED  GLS bulb  - Clear glass
  • B22 LED  GLS bulb  - Clear glass
  • E27 LED  globe bulb  - Clear glass
  • E27 LED  globe bulb  - Clear glass
  • Star  E27 LED bulb - Amber glass
  • Love Light bulb -  Up - Smoked glass
  • Smart Light Bulb - GU10 - 5w (2700-6500K)
  • Smart Light Bulb - GU10 - 4.8w - 2700k
  • Smart Light Bulb - GU10 - 6w  (1800K-6500K and RGB)
  • SMART LIGHT BULB - B22 - 9w (2700-6500K)
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Indoor and Outdoor LED Light Bulbs 

LED light bulbs have become the go-to light bulb choice for energy efficiency and value for money. Thanks to their low energy consumption and astonishing longevity compared with the now phased-out incandescent and halogen options, LED lamp bulbs provide the best possible lighting quality for all indoor and outdoor applications. Our collection includes classic Edison-style GeS and SeS LED light bulbs and LED candle light bulbs for traditional indoor lighting as well as a wide selection of specially-designed LED lamps for outdoor lighting installations. Choose from traditional bulb styles or opt for one of our highly popular vintage-style LED lamps with large filaments for a warm, golden glow with an era-inspired lighting feel. 

LED Lamps and Accessories

Alongside our classic LED light bulbs and lamps, you will also find a selection of essential LED lighting accessories to help you complete all kinds of installations or replace important elements. Our range of LED reflectors, for example, help create a range of lighting effects and beam angles with your LED lamps, while our selection of LED chips and replacement boards will help you keep your lighting installations in full working order. 

Our LED light bulbs come in a wide variety of colour temperatures and brightness levels to suit all kinds of lighting requirements, plus you’ll find a selection of standard and dimmable LED lamp options; perfect for creating versatile room lighting that will last for years to come.