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Diyas Lamp Shades

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145 Items - 
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  • ILS10621 Arqus Feather Shade White 250mm x 180mm
  • ILS10622 Arqus Feather Shade White 330mm x 200mm
  • ILS10623 Arqus Feather Shade White 410mm x 200mm
  • ILS10624 Arqus Feather Shade Black 250mm x 180mm
  • ILS10625 Arqus Feather Shade Black 330mm x 200mm
  • ILS10626 Arqus Feather Shade Black 410mm x 200mm
  • ILS10627 Arqus Feather Shade Aubergine 250mm x 180mm
  • ILS10628 Arqus Feather Shade Aubergine 330mm x 200mm
  • ILS10629 Arqus Feather Shade Aubergine 410mm x 200mm
  • ILS10630 Arqus Feather Shade Red 250mm x 180mm
  • ILS10631 Arqus Feather Shade Red 330mm x 200mm
  • ILS10632 Arqus Feather Shade Red 410mm x 200mm
  • ILS10633 Arqus Feather Shade Pink 250mm x 180mm
  • ILS10634 Arqus Feather Shade Pink 330mm x 200mm
  • ILS10635 Arqus Feather Shade Pink 410mm x 200mm
  • ILS20241 Contessa Square Small Shade Black 130/205mm x 185mm
  • ILS20242 Contessa Square Small-Medium Shade Black 130/255mm 230mm
  • ILS20243 Contessa Square Medium Shade Black 165/305mm x 270mm
  • ILS20244 Contessa Square Shade Black 190/355mm x 300mm
  • ILS20251 Contessa Square Small Shade White 130/205mm x 185mm
  • ILS20252 Contessa Square Small-Medium Shade White 130/255mm 230mm
  • ILS20253 Contessa Square Medium Shade White 165/305mm x 270mm
  • ILS20254 Contessa Square Large Shade White 190/355mm x 300mm
  • IL30833CH Crystal Downlight Round With Square Crystals Perimeter Rim Only Clear,IL30800 Required To Complete The Item
  • IL30834CH Crystal Downlight Square With Square Crystals Perimeter Rim Only Clear,IL30800 Required To Complete The Item
  • IL30200 Crystal Clip-On Shade With Clear Glass Rods French Gold/Crystal
  • IL30500 Crystal Clip-On Shade With Amber Glass Rods French Gold/Crystal
  • IL30900 Crystal Clip-On Shade With Black Glass Rods Black Chrome/Crystal
  • ILS20276 Cusco Hexagon Small Shade Cream 125/205mm x 165mm
  • ILS20277 Cusco Hexagon Small-Medium Shade Cream 150/255mm x 205mm
  • ILS20278 Cusco Hexagon Medium Shade Cream 180/305mm x 230mm
  • ILS20279 Cusco Hexagon Medium-Large Shade Cream 190/355mm x 270mm
  • ILS20280 Cusco Hexagon Large Shade, 255/410x280mm, Cream
  • ILS20287 Curino Round Shade Small Sheer Weave Fabric Black 200 x 160mm
  • ILS20288 Curino Round Shade Medium Sheer Weave Fabric Black 300mm x 220mm
  • ILS20289 Curino Round Shade Large Sheer Weave Fabric Black 350mm x 250mm
  • ILS20281 Duo Round Shade Small Black/Chrome 300mm x 220mm
  • ILS20282 Duo Round Shade Medium Black/Chrome 350mm x 250mm
  • ILS20283 Duo Round Shade Large Black/Chrome 410mm x 300mm
  • ILS10701 Clip On Crystal Ring Shade Polished Chrome Premium Crystal
  • ILS10702 Clip On Crystal Ring Shade French Gold Premium Crystal
  • ILS10703 Clip On Crystal Ring Shade Black Chrome Premium Crystal
  • ILS10000 Plastic Shade Reducing Ring
  • ILS10101 * Wrinkle Shade Black 80/130mm x 130mm
  • ILS10102 * Wrinkle Shade Chocolate Brown 80/130mm x 130mm
  • ILS10105 * Wrinkle Shade Cream 80/130mm x 130mm
  • ILS10111 * Wrinkle Shade Aubergine 80/130mm x 130mm
  • ILS10113 * Wrinkle Shade Olive 80/130mm x 130mm
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